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Personal development includes activities that improve awareness and identity, develops talent and potential, builds human capital, facilitates employ-ability, enhances quality of life and contributes to the realization of dreams and aspirations. I’ve always loved learning, making sense of stuff and then trying to find meanings and connections for myself and others.
So how is it possible that I can actually believe personal development can actually hold you back at times ? We’ve got an outdated education system that  appear to do this, our kids learn to pass exams to get qualified to get a job and work their way up the career ladder . When we open ourselves up to personal development of any kind we generally start with an appetite to learn again. Experiential learning is the way forward, we’ve always learned faster on the job than off provided we balanced this with reflection.
How will this newly acquired knowledge make me more useful in terms of assisting others and getting where I desire to be in life ?
Remember your time is precious so filter what you consume and devote more time to creating what YOU want.

A simple mind map of ideas can help at this stage to understand what needs communicating in order to achieve your aim. To help in building a healthy EDUCATED society.For this initiative we are using technology along with smart work.
To achieve this target we need to give the best environments,oppurtunities and technologies to our students – where one can learn fast and have quality education. We need to have good schools,colleges and universities with hitech technologies and management system to create an environment where teachers,staffs and students work together effectively. The concept is not limited to self-help but includes formal and informal activities for developing others in roles such as guide, teacher, counselor , manager, life coach or mentor. Consumption of material at the beginning of the self discovery process is completely natural and will likely be a catalyst for ideas but be wary of stalling.
When we give ourselves permission to make a start and are fully prepared to keep practising and honing our craft then we’re wiring up our neural circuitry to move from beginner to master.
Every event needs to identify its main objectives in order to identify the success of the project post event.

If the educational institutes have good management system, it will pass on to good quality teachers and staffs which inturn will be passed on to have bright academic results of students. Managing an institute is byfar the most important part in this whole cycle of work which ultimately leads to build a successful or disastrous institute. We don’t teach kids how to tap their own creativity or find their own answers that well at all. All these issues have their roots in the past so in order to move forward we must first heal up the past. The more we do it the more it becomes second nature and the more effective we become in the process.
With better quality education and bright results, the educational institute will gain fame and will be at the top of the ladder.

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