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Wally West is Irisa€™s nephew and becomes the Flasha€™s sidekick after gaining super speed powers in a similar incident to the one that gave Barry his abilities. Wally is a popular DC character and many fans have clamored for his appearance since the seriesa€™ premiere. The daughter of Golden Age superheroes Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle, Jesse Quick was a fellow speedster and ally of Wally West during the 1990s. In the comics, Jesse was a reluctant superheroine and initially chose careers in academics and business over becoming a full-time superhero.
Savitar is a dangerous foe of the Flash, capable of manipulating the Speed Force in ways that no other speedster could.
In the comics, Savitar clashed with Wally West when he stole the abilities of every speedster but the Flash and transferred them to his own followers.
Max Mercury is a time-traveling hero and Speed Force guru that aids the Flash and other speedsters to better understand their abilities. Barry Allena€™s grandson from the future, Impulse was a wise-cracking, sarcastic addition to the Flash mythos in the 1990s.
Since wea€™ve already seen time travel on The Flash, Impulse is a definite possibility for next season. I love Wally West pre new 52, he was my favourite comic book character, but I when he was reintroduced as a wholey dislikable character. I don't think they can introduce Bart until Iris and Barry get married because with him popping up and saying he's their decendant it could mess up a lot of stuff.
Next season, producers have promised that wea€™ll see more heroes and villains that can tap into the Speed Force, the enigmatic power that gives the Flash those fleet feet. He started his superhero career as Kid Flash and later became the Flash after Barry died during Crisis on Infinite Earth. Producers have hinted that Wally would eventually join the showa€™s cast, so next season would be a perfect opportunity.

Jesse gained her super speed powers by reciting a mathematical formula devised by her father, Johnny Quick. If The Flasha€™s producers wanted to bring in a female speedster with different motivations, Jesse would be a fantastic choice for next season. A former jet pilot, Savitar gained super-speed powers after his plane was struck by lightning. If The Flash is planning on using multiple speedsters, Savitar would be an interesting and unconventional a€?big bada€? for next season. Originally a Golden Age superhero, Mark Waid revitalized the character in the 1990s and gave the character his own unique control over the Speed Force.
Named after his grandfather, Bart Allen was the descendent of both the Flash and the Reverse Flash.
Impulsea€™s introduction would have interesting consequences for both Iris and Barrya€™s relationship and would give Barry and his allies a handful of super speed related problems.
Unfortunately I believe the flash will introduce that version of Wally, not the Wally the fans love and came out at number 8 in the greatest superheroes of all time. Let him debut on TV, and use that to explain the separate universe decision for the movies and TV. You don't call Miles Morales "Peter Parker", so I don't know why DC didn't do the same for this new guy.
The season finale hinted that Jay Garrick would make an appearance next year, but therea€™s still an entire family of speedsters that could appear on the show. When DC relaunched its comic line in 2011, DC reintroduced Wally as a troubled teen whom Iris asks to keep an eye on.
Savitar grew obsessed with the Speed Force and started a cult dedicated to worshipping and studying its abilities. While not as fast as the Flash or other speedsters, Mercury has much finer control over his abilities, allowing him greater coordination while running.

Iris Allen, Barta€™s grandmother, sent Bart back in time to our present day to stop him from prematurely aging due to his own super speed powers. I predict that Barry and Iris' wedding will be the season 4 finale and as soon as they say "I do" and kissA Impulse bursts onto the scene and says "Hey grandma, grandapa" then it'll cut to black.
The sad thing is, I like the new Wally West, but because he's not Wally West I want to see the real one come back. As we pace (much more slowly than Flash) for season two, herea€™s a dream team of five other super-speedy DC characters that wea€™d like to see. In the comics, Jesse started off as a sidekick to Wally West, before becoming a member of the Teen Titans and Justice Society of America. Savitar had advanced control of the Speed Force and used it to transfer speed from himself to others, heal injuries, and create an impenetrable force field around himself. Mercury taught several generations of speedsters over the years, including Jay Garrick, Johnny Quick, Wally West and Bart Allen. Named for his impulsive and reckless nature, Impulse was a handful for the Flash and his allies to handle, and the character even starred in his own long running comic series.
Max Mercury would be a perfect addition to next season with Harrison Wellsa€™ fate left unclear.
Bart eventually became one of the Flasha€™s biggest allies and took over the Flash mantle after Wally and his family disappeared during Infinite Crisis. So it's sad, because even though I like the new character, he'll never get to stand on his own feet and I'll instead want the real one back.
Mercury could assist Barry and other speedsters to better understand the nature of the Speed Force and introduce some of the more complicated theories on what the Speed Force is.

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