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This is going to sound really weird but for the next month I don’t want you to talk to your ex boyfriend.
WHAT???Want to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes?
Yup, I know it sounds ridiculous but trust me, doing this will stack the odds in your favor in a very unique way. Now, that is wrong on so many levels but you are going to use this type of thinking to your advantage. One of the most interesting things about text messaging is the fact that every holds their texts as sacred.
IMPORTANT – You cannot move on to this text message until you successfully complete the first text message above. The key with this type of text is to get your ex to remember the good parts of your relationship. If you haven’t already realized this, getting your ex back can be a very complicated process.
My name is Chris, and I help millions of women per year improve themselves, and get back with their ex boyfriends to finally have the life they dreamed of.
Anyways, I employed NC and recently reached out with my texting strategies in place (I’ve been reading the Texting Bible). I will continue to use your texting strategies (tide theory, ABI’s, funny messages, building rapport, etc), but I do have this fear we will become stagnant and he will think being friends is the new status quo for us. So, I’m just wondering, is there any feedback or suggestions you can give to us, in terms of doing a better job at ensuring our ex-boyfriends don’t just friend zone us after NC due to all the friendly communication they are receiving from us? I went on vacation with my family for a couple weeks and the next day my bf broke up with me. Guy #2 I met off the internet through one of my best friends shortly after my breakup with guy #1 (actually I think it was a couple hours after?). So my question is, which guy would be the better option to try and get back with, and which guy do I have a better chance with?
Yes I’m in NC since 10th July, due to my exams he told me to study and then to talk with him.
In fact, if done correctly, a text message can bring up reminiscent feelings that can set you on the right path to getting your ex back. Now, out of those suitors, throughout your years in the dating realm there has had to be one guy that didn’t pick up the hints. The text receiver was clearly ignoring the sender but they refused to accept that fact so they kept texting until they they could get a response. The better idea is to wait until the opportune moment where can maximize the power of the text message. By completely taking 30 days to yourself without texting him or talking to him at all you are slowly taking control of the situation. It is basically the ultimate way to get him checking his phone every five minutes to see if today is the day that YOU will text HIM. The way you accomplish this is by going into great detail on one of the most positive experience that you had together as a couple. Well the idea behind it is pretty simple, send a text message to your ex that could potentially get him jealous and bring up some of the lovey dovey feelings that he felt during your relationship. Our relationship was so good in the beginning from the surprise dates, surprise gifts, random i love you and i miss you baby girl texts to barely getting a call or text back.
My point to him was that I needed him to be more patient, date me longer for us to know each other better before we can spend quality time together or get intimate. This was june 9 a day before my Masters graduation( bad timing!) He said that we was not ready to commit & wanted to date other people possibly. To start when we first met I had a bf and was instantly attracted to this guy (father of my child now) and he was as well. I started liking him pretty much after that (because he showed me he’s not just a jerk), and then a year later I got a text from him saying that he liked me and he wanted to go out. I am so scared that he found someone else, or that he left me for someone else even though he denied it when I asked. Well I really want to improve myself, but in vain, there should be a mutual understanding between two partners.

However, there seems to be a huge misunderstanding among the women out there on how to actually use text messaging effectively. Most women fail at texting their exes for the simple fact that they commit this texting sin and quite honestly it’s not even their fault.
First though, before we can do that, we are going to have to figure out how to create that opportune moment. After basically blowing off your ex for a month straight your first text to them better have some substance to it. It is like their phone is their own personal sanctuary holding all their secrets and feelings about things. If you do this correctly you will bring up his most positive feelings about the relationship and get him thinking about you in a different more positive light. As a guy I can tell you that nothing makes you want a girl more than when you see her talking with another guy that is even moderately attractive. Don’t worry, I got your back and I want to help you understand the best way you can get him back. I am on Day 5 of texting now, and I have to admit, while it is great to hear him be so friendly and kind to me, I do have this fear in the back of my head that he will get accustomed to this type of communication and will never want to make something more out of it.
He was devastated and his life is a mess since her returning (disrupting his life for almost two months now). I haven’t contacted him by text or phone or anything, however, and I am ashamed to admit this but I have been posting a lot of things on Facebook, like memes and quotes that I know he will see.
Well he broke my trust once or more by saying some stuffs which I asked him to keep in privacy. I am not going to lie to you, sending a text message is a huge risk, if done incorrectly you will decimate any chance you have of that happy reunion you keep daydreaming about.
Right after a break up everyone involved is out of whack emotionally and are prone to do some really stupid things. In fact, you have to slowly lead up to the moment where he or you will hopefully go out on a date again. I always like to say that you should make your first contact text so interesting that they have no choice but to respond.
Now, while it is important that you get him to think positively about you it is also extremely important that you remain as positive as well.
I remember once that one of my married friends told me something very interesting about the male psyche. There is a lot more to this process and quite frankly this page doesn’t do a great job of describing exactly what you do step by step.
We broke up on July 8th, very randomly, over a lack of communication and the feeling of being taken for granted. He kept telling me that he is ready for a serious relationship and he doesn’t have no time to waste, so that got me super excited to see where we could go from there. I started to believe that he is more interested in having sex than having a serious relationship like I want. A couple months after countless conversations in group chats with friends and one event where we actually met up with other friends we started talking to each other on chat privately. I have heard plenty of stories where women, in the heat of the moment, texted their exes multiple times, even after getting no response.
So, if you are intrigued by this method but very confused I urge you to visit get my guide, Ex Boyfriend Recovery PRO. Do I initiate another message in a couple of days or do I simply just wait for him to take the initiative? Handle every single text and interaction you have with your ex with as much grace as possible. It may take you a while to read through the entire thing but it will break every step of the ex recovery process down for you, in-depth. Although I was the first one who brought up my frustration , I still realized he was too important to me to lose.
Eventually I realized I had feelings for him (which I admit is kind of weird since I only saw him in person once and had only known him off the internet, it may have only developed because of missing guy #1), but I hid them for a while. Since you are on my site I am assuming that you are interested in somehow trying to get your boyfriend back.

It will also go into extreme detail about how you can use text messages to get your ex boyfriend back. We actually had a second date set but he cancelled on me because he wanted me to wear a short shirt or short dress for our date, which I said no to because no man should tell a woman what to wear on a date, especially since we are not officially a couple yet.
We finally went on our first date, and it was amazing, and we finally actually talked about our feelings in person. One night we had a sleepy conversation late at night which I’m not going to delve into the details of, but it changed the way that we thought of each other.
No matter how hard it is or how much you want to talk to him DO NOT DO IT, even if he responds you have to ignore it.
While I was away visiting family, he would txt me wanting to see me and when told him away he would txt while away wanting to see me and at this time he was telling others we were seeing each other. There was no way I could convince him after that final discussion…and what good would convincing have done? We became facebook friends before we broke up and I am hoping that he is seeing all of my posts.
Another time, he thought I was flirting with a guy while out that he got so upset he left the venue we were all out at as a group .
However, a couple days later he texted me saying he was thinking about it and he wasn’t really ready to have a girlfriend but he still liked me, saying that we could get back together in the future. We tell each other that we will work on our relationship but i still feel like i’m not getting all that i need. After the cancelled 2nd date, he started telling me things like he is a man and he got needs so I should come to see him.
We went out on two dates which we got a lil serious (I’m not recommending this) and I ended up having my first kiss, and a little more serious stuff happened.
I said no to his demands because we only went out once, so I am not comfortable going to his place after just one date or caring about his manly needs at this point.
I will rightfully admit i would always beat around bush and not come out and say how i feel because liked him so much. Me, not realizing how multiple texts could start getting annoying, sent about 10 texts over a course of two months before realizing he probably wasn’t going to reply with me annoying him. 5 years ago, i became pregnant with our daughter and he was upset ( financially) and we argued, tried to see therapists, he didnt want baby etc. A couple months later and me and him got put into the same group chat, and he responded to my texts in there, but when I texted him a simple question to him only he ignored it. I told him that I like him but there are many things that I am not ready for yet with him cause I need time. WE had a blow out and didnt speak but randomly he would txt or call me in the middle of the night. Finally, when I was 8 months pregnant, he came and apologized and said how wanted to be part of our daughters life, in the room when born, etc.
Now most people would obviously choose this guy as the better guy to try and get back with.
Even through all of this I still have strong feelings for him and wonder if there is still a chance. I wasn’t really thinking about it at the time, and I obviously feel really bad not telling her. When he came back, we got right back into an intimate, physical relationship things were going well. One time, i had our daughter stay at my moms for the night he found out from my mom and got upset. Another time, he was coming to my house to get our daughter and i had two friends over one was a guy. He got so mad that he wanted for my male friend to leave he was waiting in parking lot to my complex. He gets me a mothers day gift we are intimate but since then he has been off and on flirty.

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