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Unless you’re getting your home decor from Walmart, you’ll probably shell out a pretty penny for a good-looking headboard. If the only “power tool” you’ve ever operated is an electric toothbrush, perhaps it’s best to opt for something less, uh, involved. Better Homes and Gardens had a foolproof idea for an inexpensive, beautiful headboard: Buy two or three large picture frames from a thrift shop or garage sale, remove the glass and frame a fabric that complements the bedroom decor.
This one requires some time and patience, but anyone is capable of making a fabric headboard.
Sneakers and hiking boots are still on-trend, and athletic brands are rising to the occasion by creating functional shoes that any fit fashionista will love.

You may not be wearing your exercise clothes when you do it, but everyday activities like taking the steps, carrying grocery bags and lifting your child all add up to a day of fitness. Many of us love nature, but how many of us could truly survive in the outdoors left to our own devices? I’m so excited to share with your the BEST crockpot Chicken tacos recipe that you can possibly imagine. Instead, consider creating something all your own — it will not only provide your bedroom with a personalized statement piece but also give you the opportunity to show off your craftiness. We used this shredded chicken taco meat to make tacos, but you could eat it by itself, serve it over rice, use it to make quesadillas,  or even in wonton wrappers.

My husband was very skeptical since I only threw three ingredients into the crockpot, but boy was he surprised.

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