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Beautiful and meaningful positive affirmations from Everyday Affirmations to inspire you every day. John Daniels's POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS FOR MIND & BODY HEALING contains inspirational spoken-work recitations backed by music.
The beauty and simplicity of the prayer have great power.  Take comfort in the knowledge that it is being repeated all day every day somewhere in the world delivering strength and hope. I created Pawsitive Affirmations because not only do I adore animals and believe that from them we can learn lessons about life, but also because I’ve had countless unique encounters with them.
So, I’ve taken my cue from the Pawsitivity Posse and decided to share my Pawsitive Affirmations with other critter lovers like you.

And, no matter if one of us is plucked to a different home, our connection won’t be gone. The music has a soothing, light, orchestral feel with synthesizer overtones, providing a lilting backdrop for Daniels's intimate baritone. Finally we’re reminded to look to our Higher Power for wisdom and guidance, to take a deep breath, get quiet and listen. For whatever reason, I seem to attract feral and wild animals — both seem to feel quite comfortable with landing on and touching me.
Feel free to sign-up for the Pawsitive Affirmations weekly email, share them with your loved ones, and soak up the joy from cute critter pictures.

Divided into two sections--"The Positive Affirmations Meditation" and "Music for Personal Meditation," each of which clock in at just under half an hour, POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS is a guided journey into the realm of imagination, self-reflection, inner stillness, and self-actualization. The first section centers on Daniels's voice, and the second, as its title indicates, is suitable to sustained meditation and reflection. This is a good bet for listening to while studying, during work breaks, or for a before-sleep meditation.

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