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Diehard GTA fans and Gamers out there are already geared up for the next big thing in the gaming world. Speculation among GTA reviews about the various new features in GTA VI include the possibility of Mercedes Cortez colonel’s Cortez daughter leading the Vice city theme. There is a mixed response to this feature where some feel that GTA V offers an excellent open world experience. Fans literally fell in love with GTA 1 with the sole single player character and his electrical saw.
Although viewed with initial hesitation, fans found the new multiple hero format in GTA V thrilling to the point that future GTA’s would be incomplete without Tommy, CJ, NIko Bellic and Claude. The developers definitely need time to collect data for further improvement taking into account fan reviews across the net.
The arena of Los Santos, especially provides for ideal racing, helicopter getaways and cop chases.

But there is a noted absence of earlier cheat codes such as the super punch and flying cars which was used quite extensively.
You just can’t expect a serious gamer to be interested in a standalone game without even offering realism.
Although GTA V is a sleek and well programmed version of the Game still it provides an enthralling new experience what with GTA online slowly gaining a foothold.
With GTA V still fresh in the mind of fans, Rockstar is definitely in R & D mode and have not confirmed the rumor. Ever Since GTA online debuted in October 2013, there has been an explosion of reviews and suggestions for developer Rockstar to enhance the experience of both GTA online and GTA 5 that has rocked gamers far ahead of expectations. But some are still of the opinion that the game could be more realistic with the appearance of more people.
Weapons of earlier versions are not present in GTA V where rankings unlock sophisticated weaponry.

Fans have not forgotten, even the vendor stalls lining Vespucci beach and that’s what breathed life into GTA. However the multiple player format needs to be explored further by Rockstar to enable groups of friends sharing the experience together rather than the standard stand alone.
Post GTA online while Rockstar north was still resolving teething issues and compatibility, the blueprint for GTA 6 was already being unveiled with a proposed combination of features found over the years.
But fans feel differently, so bring back that great old hacksaw, tanks and more planes please.

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