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If there's anything more popular than playing "Five Nights AT Freddy's 2," it's creating rumors, theories, and speculation about the game's open-ended story. One aspect of "Freddy's 2" that fans are certain of, is that the title is likely to be a direct prequel to the first game in the series. With that obvious token located, the rest of Freddy's story delves deeper into theory than fact. After the second night of "Freddy's 2," the man on the phone mentions that the restaurant has been closed down for some kind of "investigation" linked to the animatronics acting strangely. To understand what prompted such sudden police involvement, one need look no further than the mini-games scattered throughout the experience. Essentially what seems to happen then, is that a man in purple comes to the restaurant and slaughters a bunch of children.
There are lots of questions regarding the lore behind "Five Nights At Freddy's, and unfortunately all of them can't possibly be answered in this article. Would you like to hear more about the theories behind "Five Nights At Freddy's?" Do you have any speculation of your own? It’s not every day I have the privilege of telling you about a game like Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. Explore the crime-ridden streets of Rio de Janeiro as Angel Nascimento, a former gang member who is after revenge.  Infiltrate your former gang to discover who killed the love of your life, Ana, and tried to kill you. Gangstar Rio: City of Saints features 5 districts in Rio de Janeiro, over 70 missions, 25 different vehicles, and much, much more. If all these features don’t have you excited, this last one will… Gangstar Rio has the first explorable indoor environments in the Gangstar series. Grand Theft Auto V is like a series of interconnected heist movies following the lives of three different criminals. The three stories intertwine as circumstances force them to work together, and the key conceit of the game is that you can switch between the characters at almost any point in time with the press of a button, which lets you see the game from an entirely new vantage point. GTA V covers a lot of territory over its lengthy run time, but Rockstar manages to make everything feel connected within the game's twisted reality.
But the more sophisticated narrative also means that the disconnect between the story and what you're doing on a moment-to-moment basis is greater than ever. Big heists are the core of GTA V’s story missions, and they’re one of the game's highlights, forcing you to use multiple characters to plan, organize, and execute crazy schemes to steal valuable goods or sneak into dangerous locations. In traditional Rockstar fashion, the game is also loaded with satire aimed largely at American culture.
All of these elements add up to make GTA V the best game in the series to date, though it's the narrative that really stands out, especially in comparison to the rest of the franchise.
Developer Scott Cawthon let a rabid cult audience construct their own plot at the close of "Freddy's 1," but he has since used the sequel to further expand upon the title's captivating lore.
The most concrete piece of evidence for this is that the checks received at the close of each level are dated prior to the payments made in the original.
Fans of the first title will likely remember mentions of an incident called "The Bite of '87." Conveniently, the checks for completing each stage in "Freddy's 2" are also dated 1987, and it seems to be more than a happy accident. It's suggested that they may have been tampered with by an unknown person, and a golden Freddy suit was also stolen in the process. In one of these pixilated adventures, players control Freddy and are asked to give cake to a crying child. During a mini-game accessible at the close of "Freddy's 2," the marionette animatronic places animal heads on the dead children while saying "give the kids life." Is this how the suits become haunted?
At the very least, this possible timeline of rumors may offer insight into one of the gaming industry's most horrifying titles.
The Gangstar franchise is one of my personal favorites and I’m sure it’s one of yours as well. You have one advantage in your quest for revenge; the blast that killed Ana also left you unrecognizable to your former gang members! Not only can you change his clothes, but his facial features.  Make sure you disguise his identity if you want to get revenge on the gang that murdered your girlfriend! You can unlock the traditional arsenal of automatic weapons, bazookas, and grenade launchers, plus new weapons like an exploding football and machete.

Hit the club or sneak into the police station, Rio let’s you go where no other Gangstar game has gone before!
But as I sped toward the high-end shops in town, a motorcycle cut me off and I swerved, hitting a pedestrian. There's Michael, a seemingly successful former bank robber with a big house and an ungrateful family, who is forced to come out of retirement to keep it all together.
In a testament to Rockstar's writing abilities, all three characters are likeable despite being pretty terrible people. You'll be spending large chunks of time with each criminal before switching off, as certain missions are character-specific, but when you're not quite sure what to do next, taking control of a different character is usually the best solution. Set in Los Santos, the fictional version of LA previously featured in GTA: San Andreas, the game sees the trio of criminals taking on increasingly risky missions with increasingly lucrative payouts. But it's the different characters, and the fact that you can actually experience the game from their perspective, that really breathe life into what could have easily been a cliche, The Departed-inspired story. Outside of the main story missions, there's an almost ludicrous breadth of things for you to do. Not only do you get to choose the best course of action for these missions, but you'll also have to do the prep work to pull them off — you might have to find a getaway car and some disguises, for instance, or do reconnaissance to figure out the best way to sneak into a building. There's a lot of simply driving to locations in order to grab an item or kill someone, and though the reasons change, the activity starts to feel very similar. This time around the jokes tackle everything from reality TV to social networking to hipsters, and while the results can be hit and miss, the sheer scale is incredible. I wanted to see what would happen to Trevor, Michael, and Franklin more than I wanted to try jumping a motorcycle onto a moving train — and I really wanted to try landing that jump.
What happened at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza to make a supposedly kid-friendly place so terrifying and dangerous? The identity of the purple figure has yet to be confirmed, but rumors suggest that it may be one of the several shuffled around security guards mentioned during phone conversations. And don’t forget to listen to the local news to hear about your latest conquests and recent gang action in real time.
Franklin is an up-and-coming young gangbanger with big dreams that start with moving out of his aunt's house.
Trevor is an angry, murderous racist but he's also the most sympathetic of the bunch; when he mourns the loss of a brief love interest, it almost makes you forget all of the hundreds of people you've killed while controlling him.
The switching mechanic also helps make each of the characters feel like real people living real lives outside the game, as every time you switch they're already engaged in some sort of activity. The story eventually takes a turn for the epic and somewhat outlandish, touching on everything from terrorism to government conspiracies.
Los Santos is a huge place, and each character represents a different part of it, from the projects to the luxurious hills to the trailer park-filled outskirts. From silly diversions like going hunting or racing jet skis, to fully fleshed out characters and storylines that are completely optional, you're never left wanting for things to do. They're like a bunch of smaller missions strung together, and the results are satisfyingly epic, especially with some of the more complex capers featured later in the game. Each character has their own smartphone (psychopath Trevor’s looks quite a bit like a Windows Phone) that can be used to send and receive texts, emails, and phone calls, or browse the web for extra information. You can waste a lot of time simply listening to talk radio or watching fully developed shows and commercials on TV. In the past, GTA games have given you an exciting world to explore but little reason to push through the actual story. Many fans say this is just the first of many deaths at Freddy Fazebear's, and there's evidence of further slaughter when gamers take control of Foxy. As for why the puppet has powers, some say he is inhabited by the spirit of the first murdered child. And there’s Trevor, essentially GTA V's id: he's a sociopathic meth dealer and a former partner of Michael's, who kills at the slightest provocation and holds personal grudges for a very long time. You'll see Michael arguing with his wife and Franklin walking his dog, and Trevor ends up drunk and naked in out-of-the-way locations with alarming frequency.
And you're able to see the events of the game unfold from these three different perspectives in a way that you can't in a movie.

And outside of that, in traditional GTA fashion, you can also just make your own fun, stealing cars, creating panic in the streets, and just generally being a murderous nuisance for the fun of it. You'll even need to use the character-switching to take on multiple roles: you can use a sniper to help clear a path, then switch to one of your teammates to rappel down a skyscraper. One particularly egregious example has you driving a truck full of stolen luxury cars across a huge expanse of the map. While you still can’t interact with everything in the world, it's rare that you'll come across an area that's completely void of things to do (and that’s not even including the multiplayer mode GTA Online, which will be available a few weeks after launch). There's even a camera that lets you take selfies — it's not something that will help you progress in the game, but simply a thing that exists in this world. As in the past, many of the jokes are about race, gender, and sexuality, and they can sometimes be uncomfortable. GTA V does both, offering a sprawling world coupled with an engaging narrative that keeps you moving. I only escaped by jumping off of a cliff, speeding through some poor farmer's field, and hiding out in a marsh, where it seems the cops didn't think to look. These moments are relatively minor, and you can miss them by sticking with one character over another, but they go a long way toward the world building. These moments have a more serious feel than in earlier games, but they can still be pretty fun.
Sometimes it’s up to you if you want to swap back and forth, while other times the mission will force you to play as a specific character. While this does a great job at driving home just how big Los Santos is, it also makes you realize why truckers need so much caffeine to stay awake. The visuals add to this sense of place: GTA V is one of the more graphically impressive current-generation games, especially considering its ambitious scope.
GTA still seems to struggle with gender in particular — all of the female characters in GTA V are minor ones generally designed to play a specific role, like a mother or daughter.
And the fact that I could see events unfold from all three perspectives made it all the more compelling. And being able to switch between them at any point gives you some semblance of control over how you view events as they unfold. When you're meant to be fighting to get your family back, or searching for a kidnapped friend, it just feels weird to be able to steal a dirt bike and go joyriding through the mountains. There are some moments of calm where you can venture off on your own, but if you’re in it for the story it’s easy to push through while ignoring the rest of the game. In contrast to the thrilling heists, which feel ripped out of the best caper movies, the standard missions can feel like simply passing time before you can get to something more interesting. Even a simple drive in the sticks can turn crazy when you stumble across a police shootout at a dingy motel.
A few technical issues aside (in the PlayStation 3 version I played, I was occasionally able to move vehicles through solid objects, for instance) the game looks beautiful, with dynamic weather and detailed environments. GTA V fulfills the promise of GTA IV, offering a sophisticated story and fully realized characters in addition to GTA's typical criminal antics.
Whereas games like San Andreas and Vice City were clearly inspired by films like Boyz in the Hood and Scarface, GTA V stands much more confidently apart.
The amount of time you can waste just tricking out your car or buying new clothes is immense, and when you factor in the ability to play the stock market or buy real estate to earn some extra cash, you have a game that can easily soak up dozens of hours of your life. It doesn’t always gel together perfectly, but when it works, GTA V almost makes you want to be the bad guy. And the core gameplay, from the driving to the gunplay, feels better than in any previous game in the series. Some of these diversions are remarkably deep, too: slap some ATP branding on the tennis mini-game, and you could probably sell it as a standalone product. While many blockbuster video games inch ever further toward what feels like interactive cinema, GTA V shows developer Rockstar moving in a different direction: expanding beyond its previous fixation on film and crafting a story that works specifically because it's a game.

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