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It’s important to let the man make the first move, but that doesn’t mean you can’t strongly encourage him!
You can find all kinds of lists on the Internet, but the problem is that once you use them, they're no longer original. Men can be scared of rejection, so most will wait until they are almost positive you are interested.
If he is going to be at a concert or show, or maybe a local gathering, be there with some friends. If you have been interacting for a little while and he still doesn’t get the picture, a little physical touch may be in order. At the end of the party, the end of a meeting, wherever you get to see him—lingering helps give him a clue that you’re interested. Men like to fix things, so ask him for advice about your car, your boss, politics, your next career move. In some ways, women have the advantage over men in this area as well, because the common understanding is that the man makes the first move. However, there are five categories that you can choose from to make the entire process easier. Whatever event you are both attending where you use the pickup line can be the doorway to a conversation.
On the other hand, many men find direct and forthright statements very refreshing in a dating scene that is often confusing.
The most powerful flirt lines to say to men have nothing to do with being clever or smooth.
After our book announcement we received many questions from you, but the ones that stick out the most was “How do I get a man to ask me out?” Or “How do I let a guy know I’m interested?” These are great questions, worth answering.
Not too much, once or twice per time you see him will give him the clue that you are interested. Also, joke with him.  Don’t take it over the line, but be lighthearted about life and laugh with him.

Guys have it easy, if we can get past ourselves and fear about asking you out, it isn’t that bad. I had a eligible, young woman make this statement to me a few years ago, but that was how she presented it…as a statement. I was always so confused about it and then I read the below post and I couldn’t agree more.
This means that even if your pick-up line is atrocious, it's ok, because you aren't expected to be good at it. Simply walk up to a man and say "I've been trying to figure out how to tell you that I find you fascinating. Their performances are all about the art of the flirt, and she is no stranger to piquing men's interest. They simply have to do with being your genuine self, and letting the natural attraction work its magic. But before I answer these questions, I think it is most important for me to remind you who you are.
Chances are you will remember the conversation, so ask him about something personal next time you see him from your previous conversation. Give yourself time that you are poised and ready for God to bring him in your life at the right time. As a guy, even though I was slightly interested in her, that comment was not attractive to me. Generally, I would say to stay away from that type of guy because you will almost always be frustrated. Don’t hang out with the same girlfriends weekend after weekend or never meet any new potentials because it feels scary.
They say patience is a virtue, but I’m pretty sure it has to be the hardest dang virtue to attain!
If she had said it possibly in the right setting and with a flair of jovial, non-chalant air it may have gone over better.

The next time I interacted with her at church (three days later), I took the extreme opposite approach of being cordial and saying hello, but not going any further in conversation or gestures. But, if he just doesn’t know how to express it, sort of like Steven said, then give it a little time.
Are you into sports?" You can even use it to make it clear that you're single: "The cut of that blazer is great!
If it's a fun event, you can say "I can't figure out if this is a great time, or if I'm just enjoying the fact that you're here!" On the other hand, if it's a boring meeting, try passing a note saying, "This would be totally unbearable if I didn't have you here to think about." He will almost instantly start to wonder what you're thinking, and therein lies a conversation.
Any ideas?" That kind of honesty is always a good way to begin a relationship, because instead of being a line or a lure it is authentic attraction. However, the way it was presented seemed more forceful and desperate than a flirtatious, direct hint. My ex-boyfriend never appreciated the finer details." It's complimentary, and gives the man a chance to either start a conversation or at the very least thank you for the compliment. So definitely, I don’t discourage any girl from sometimes having to prompt a potential relationship, but be careful how you present it. There is something to be said too of what a guy believes is showing affection and what he sees as just friendship. Some will welcome your invite (but, remember that may also be a hint to the future tone of the relationship as well), while other men will not appreciate the forwardness.
Okay, if you insist, we can go now." You can be as suggestive as you like, but keep in mind that when flirting, less is often more. Some men are intimidated or turned off by aggressive sexuality, so only use it if that is really your personality.

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