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July 10, 2013 by admin Leave a Comment Summer in the colder climates of the world takes on a whole new reality – this covers pretty much all of Canada. As a pastor, having observed 9 years of this rhythm from those in my church, I realize that once September comes and everyone returns to the “normal” routines of life, there will be this reality that many people have had little to no intentional spiritual connecting all summer long. What will you do this summer to engage with God and how will you help those that you are leading to have the same commitment?
As someone who continues to meet with my triad throughout the summer months (why wouldn’t I, it is energizing in so many ways) I recognize that our weekly consistency does get disrupted at times as we all take some time for vacation which typically means getting out of the city – this is good. I don’t want to spend every September “getting back on track” with God as I observe so many doing.
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Opportunities to be outside, biking, running, camping, vacationing, days at the beach – these all change the rhythm of our lives for a few months each year. We settled into an all-inclusive resort for a week and enjoyed all sorts of great activities including learning how to Scuba dive. Every day, every week, every month, every year – there aren’t any pauses to faith, it is interwoven in all aspects. Those involved in “small groups” decide to stop meeting for the summer – perhaps a bbq or two will suffice.
And yet, as we took some time to relax and see new places, I also have come to realize that my time to spend with God in solitude and prayer need not be disrupted in any way, in fact, if I choose to, I can find increased time and more focussed time so that my spiritual growth is enhanced not hindered. However, even in all of the excitement of activities I was very aware of my desire to enjoy some Sabbath rest and personal time with God.

And may you all enter September with a passion to know God more because of the great times you had in July and August.
Kids are rushed around to their various sport practices and games while times of prayer or reading scripture are neglected and people attempt live off the spiritual input from the past year. My family knew that for about 1 hour every afternoon, I simply wanted time alone for reflection on scripture, journaling and prayer. Beyond my own personal growth, I was also very aware of the importance of my children seeing the significance my faith in God had in my life.

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