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Probably the Teton Crest plus some short stuff I was looking at just over the line in ID, but I haven't really looked at the logistics to see if that last part's going to be practical or convenient. The video is a little painful to watch due to repeated footage of totally uncoordinated use of trekking poles(good grief, learn how to walk!) interrupting things, but the scenery is off the chain.
Total solar eclipse swipes diagonally right down the state (and on to the SE USA) on August 21st, 2017!!!
With endless summer days still aplenty, there’s no better time to invest in a solar charger for all your gadgets.
In order to construct your own solar-powered USB charger, you will need thin-film solar panels, 2 NiMH AA batteries, pre-assembled USB charging circuit board, a diode, battery holder, wire and, of course, the Altoids tin.

In addition to providing a step-by-step guide, Joshua Zimmerman has also put up a link to the kit he made with all the necessary parts. Note: It is estimated that if you have none of the parts, then all together it will cost less than $30, which I think you’ll agree is much cheaper than the $140 factory-purchased model!
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However, Joshua Zimmerman of the DIY site Instructables doesn’t think you need to spend any money in order to get your hands on one. Instead, Zimmerman has designed a simple do-it-yourself solar USB charger that fits cozily in an Altoid tin!

The DIY project will charge most mobile devices via USB using 2 rechargeable AA batteries and flexible thin-film solar panels.

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