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This entry was posted in Frasi and tagged buona notte, buona notte amore, buonanotte, buonanotte amore, buonanotte dolce, buonanotte frasi, buonanotte immagini, frasi buona notte, frasi buonanotte, frasi buonanotte amore, frasi della buonanotte, frasi di buonanotte, immagini buona notte, immagini buonanotte, immagini buonanotte amore, immagini della buonanotte, immagini di buona notte, immagini di buonanotte, messaggi buonanotte, sms buonanotte. Before the night ends, make these people feel more special by sending them the sweetest goodnight SMS messages. In an epic display of Emoji-power, Carla Gannis has turned a Hieronymus Bosch masterpiece into An emoji explosion (see below).
Huff Post Tech: “Japanese Castle, Western Castle” (below) shows a hypnotic hive of emoji swirling across the screen, while the voice of Siri narrates each expression in a drab monotone. MY MODERN MET In today’s age of technology and internet culture, things like emojis, social media updates, likes and notifications, and Google services have become more familiar to many of us than picking up a newspaper or talking on the phone.
After the Hopper set, Ptichek says the project “turned into a full concept of correlation between computer technologies and classic art.” Subsequently, in the third part, classical paintings are reintroduced as popular movie posters, mashing together such works as the film Kill Bill and the painting Judith Beheading Holofernes.
The little digital images are everywhere, from smartphone operating systems to social media and apps.

For the quick text generation, sometimes sending one tiny emoji is easier than typing up a response.
Below, we listed out some goodnight text messages and goodnight love sms that you can send to your special someone. Kiev, Ukraine-based artist Nastya Ptichek brings history and the modern age together in a tongue-in-cheek series called Emoji-Nation, which reinterprets classic artworks such Edvard Munch’s The Scream using expressions associated with digital culture and computer technology. In the second part, she puts a social media twist on Edward Hopper’s somber paintings. In the fourth part, common social media problems and computer prompts are incorporated into famous artworks, presenting a humorous spin on many religious masterpieces. We’re obsessed, sending an emoji of a dancer next to a smiley face next to crying cat. Like the name suggests, it’s an encyclopedia for all things emoji, cataloging each creative symbol.

Everything needs to be conveyed immediately, and nothing is smaller or more expressive than an image. The resulting images provide clever and interesting commentary on the impact that technology and the internet have had on our lives. Owen Churches, of the school of psychology at Flinders University in Australia, conducted a study on emoticons.

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