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This is an opinion website that offers information of a general nature and none of the opinions should be construed as advice. Affiliate Disclosure: At absolutely no expense to you, if you make a purchase, we may receive commissions from some links on this website. I don't have any photos unfortunately, but since I started this, acne has become one less thing for me to worry about.
I'm super guilty of breaking this rule, and it probably made my acne way worse than it had to be. A good trick is to use a sewing needle or safety pin, sterilize the tip (alcohol, HP, or fire is fine) and use it to pierce the zit.
The 1 or 2 times in the last few months i've woken up or gone to bed without doing this routine for whatever reason, even if i wash my face or use an Oxypad, I've always gotten a zit or small breakout a day or 2 later.
Every time you take a shower, at the end you need to turn it as cold as possible for at least 30 seconds and rinse every part of your body that has acne. My skin isn't good, but it sure as hell is a goddamn hell of a lot better than it was when I started this routine and it's improving fast. Lucidity, can you please name few brands of those stuffs so i can order them online please? My phone selfie cam has a soft filter I can't turn off, so the facial skin looks better than it is (although it is much better than before - no new cysts and the old ones are dying away). I'm white, 6'5'', 210 lbs (no idea what bf% is), my style right now consists of a black leather jacket with 2 pairs of blue jeans, one darker than the other. If I could only accomplish one thing in the next 12 months it would be to get a fuck buddy and have sex at least 4 days a week. 2)Little sexual experience, I've only fucked one girl and got a tit job from another(both drunk). I've been trying online dating, got some messages and went on a date with a cute girl but didn't get further since lack of social skills. I tried avoiding talking to Asians chicks or larger girls - they feel like cheat reps, as I have no desire to ever get with them. I wore my dogtag out for the first time today - at first I felt a little self-concious, maybe I looked douchey? My pics are really bad and letting me down - I have the house to myself tomorrow, I will got try hard getting the perfect pic, anyone got any tips? Felt pretty good about today, I thought I was goal overloading myself (app, gym, blackbelt, AA, dating) but honestly I did most of my AA drill just walking to uni - I'm pretty excited about the holidays. I think I have a natural advantage having been kicked out of home and living in a martial arts dojo.
Fuck it - found some old jeans that only fit me after I lost 20lbs and caught a bus to the city. It was quite easy after the first 2 to be honest - and the hotter the chick was the better I felt to talk to her.
I woke up feeling like shit today, and told myself I didn't have to do it if my spirits didn't lift.
I can get about 2 numbers per 100 messages (from girls I want to meet) from this first round.
White is not really my colour, but with a jacket and some black accessories I think I could look really bad ass. Some thoughts, from somebody that did part of the AA program, then just ended up skipping straight to approaching, and has about 4 cold approach lays so far (all in 2016, 2 from day and 2 from night). Just figured out my uni rents dlsr's and i have some cool friebds who are non judgemental and will take photos of me.
There's more physical dialogue and the interaction is longer [on some], but the initial 30 seconds are basically EXACTLY the same to Day 46.
Hopefully you haven't been turning the drills into indirect approaches, so you can really feel what it's like to approach a women fairly aggressively without outcome dependence (because you leave).
While you haven't done this a million times, you've probably consistently talked to more women in the past 7+ weeks than you have in your entire life. You probably won't be able to "aggressively" hit on girls, so that is what we are going to work on the in the next few weeks.
If you aren't- I suggest either sticking with the online dating or doing the drills at least 2 or 3 times.
Remember beating Approach Anxiety isn't like "passing a test" where you can just forget everything you learned, because you never actually learned it and it didn't matter. In week 2, we expanded on asking a girl "time" and "directions," you are quite past that point obviously.
We'd like to get it to the point where walking up to a girl and telling her she's attractive and touching her is as easy and natural as asking for "time" and "directions". The "bodyguard" routine can be overkill, I don't use it that often anymore, it's a good way to get comfortable with being physical. If you were unable to do the drill or weren't happy with your performance (NOT the reactions you got) - feel free to repeat this day. If you are going to effectively and efficiently screen women, we need to get you used to touching women.
The amount of touching you do today will probably be more than you ever have in the first 30 seconds of an interaction. This type of drill will really show you that you will still get the same predictable responses, even when you are more aggressive. Even though this is a drill, this is certainly "aggressive" and way more so than what other guys are able to do. All of my lay reports are basically the same, once you find something that works you stick with it.

If the third part of yesterday's drill was tough, I suggest you go back and repeat Day 50 because you will be going from 0 to 100 today. The challenging part of today's drill is finishing it, some girls will make the attempt to leave. In reality you do want to walk along side them a little bit, sometimes they are interested but don't understand that you are hitting on them or what to do. If you've legitimately given the effort and made it to Day 52, no matter how long it's taken you, today might be easy and a lot of fun.
Today's drill combines an aggressive approach with the "I'm just fucking with you" mentality. For the purpose of developing social freedom and taking taking phone numbers it's definitely necessary. In terms of the future, GETTING LAID, on approach in 10-30 minutes, the logistics are a lot worse if you are approaching girls during the day. There's less than a handful of daytime scenarios where you can reasonably pluck girls away from their friends.
But girls at the mall with their friends, for example, odds are pretty unlikely that a girl is going to leave her friends to go have sex with random guy. I'm not saying it's impossible- I'm saying you are better off hitting on girls that are ALONE if you are seriously looking GET LAID during the day. When you approach groups during the day, especially if you don't have a place right nearby, your game plan should probably be to take the girl(s) number. When you start approaching girls for real you'll usually have to show you're cool by engaging her friends by being friendly, polite and flattering. The only difference is that there is another girl standing there that's going to be jealous that you are talking to her prettier friend. What the dynamic usually needs to be when there's 2 girls (at night) and you take 1 of them home.
How groups generally treat you in real life if you got your shit together and appear cooler than they. Girls that pull their friends away, that friend is generally not single (assuming you look good).
Of my friends in Florida, Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC that get a lot of action - half have DO EXACTLY THIS.
My sexy little roommate always tell me guys hit on them (cause they know I'm into this stuff) and the vast majority of the time it's either "hi, what's you name?" or "hi I'm [name]". They just introduce themselves, usually without even saying "Hi," 'Hi, I know this is random," or anything else. That might appear strange (no introduction?) but hot girls sort of accept it and know right away that my friends are hitting on them.
It particularly makes sense at night after you have made eye contact with a girl but I've seen them do it doing the day at grocery stores and just on the street. If it was a choice of running "pick up artist" game versus having a guy just walk up to 50 girls and saying "Hi, I'm [name]" and seeing how they responded. There's some more touching up front and a game plan of where I'm going to take the interaction (girl). I personally think that #2 isn't super necessary if you just touch girls, touching them early says more than 1000 words. This one, like yesterday, can take awhile, feel free to split it up- but no longer than 3 days. My friends that do this are more of the "scumbag" types and that's why they land 30+ girls a year.
Even if you don't want to be a total scumbag, you WILL need to be comfortable with most of the mentalities. Normal guys that fuck a lot of chicks are "aggressive" (numbers game) and have killer instinct. If you like this, consider making it your own but don't do it because you are scared to touch girls. If you are cool (and it look like you fuck a lot of girls) girls won't worry that you'll judge them. Nothing contained within the site is the advice, opinion or otherwise the view of any host, owner, server or other provider of services to Good Looking Loser.
For example, I see a lot of guys who don't get results by screening as aggressively as Scotty and Chris and need to screen less hard to get results. How long do you think it should take for most people to develop the habit so that when they see a girl they find attractive, they automatically go and talk to her (in a second or less), as opposed to staring from afar and having to force yourself to make the approach? Like in what order should a "beginner" focus on, providing he is the average joe at everything when he starts and he wants to achieve the most success with the hottest possible girls in the shortest amount of time? My acne wasn't severe, but it was enough to make me feel insecure and wince when I looked in the mirror during a breakout. I almost never get zits anymore, and when I do, they're not that bad and quickly disappear. If you do end up breaking this rule, at the very least STERILIZE the area of skin (and the area around it) you messed with.
If your face skin is dry, your pores will over-produce oil to self-moisturize, which will of course lead to more acne. With the above I wear either a red or black t-shirt along with one of three contrasting dog tags(black, red or silver) and a steel swiss watch with a blue background. As I was walking to uni though, the first girl I saw, somewhat attractive girl walking towards me for about 40 seconds.
I still had no desire to talk to them beyond the drill though (ex-gf demons still haunt me).

It's like I think they're too smart, they know - maybe it's because I've been the other guy so many times. He is French, works out, has very good fashion sense and is one of the most extroverted people I ever met.
Standing in the bar he points out a chick with a tight white top and massive tits - he was hypnotised - I could tell though, he couldn't go and talk to her. Although I can tell someone where deep down I have am a fighter, and the more I look like I fight people for fun (which I do) the happier I will be. I know professional and DLSR is the onlyway to go really, but I'm not getting pro pics until I have a better wardrobe. Walking up to a girl is the exact same feeling as sitting on the matt waiting for your name to do a grading. The drills where easy, but I just had a big day and never got enough time to go out to a specific place to do drills. Generally I'm anxious to be in the middle of the city as well, and was afraid the amount of people would overwhelm me.
The next 5 took about 12 minutes, but I wasn't in a rush and spent some time clothes shopping too.
I know it's just the time but even talking to girls and (some) giving me a big smile feels pretty good. So I guess my title is misleading, but I neever thought of levels - there are guys who apporach and there are those who don't. It might fall through, but knowing it's at the end of the week waiting for me will help I'm sure. I let a few girls walk past me - it's wierd like if she has a 'mean' face I don't want to approach her. The last month I've gone without fapping for 7 days it seriously makes a huge difference to my energy levels, confidence, clairty of mind - everything. This is something that you proactively need to BEAT and success isn't defined by simply getting past the drills.
Nothing stated shall be construed to serve as a replacement for competent advice from professionals. People who don't live in metropolitan areas are not able to put in as much volume, is there any way around that? I realise the drills aren't hard, I think part of week 1 is just learning to go up to a hot girl and open our mouth, and 2 get used to go to places specifically to the drill.
I knew from doing the first 2 days of the AA that if I just hit the call button my natural instinct would do the rest. I tried approaching the absolutely hottest girls I could find and there where a few - some had big smiles, other where neutral and some seemed very disinterested. I couldn't help but laughing - it actually made me really happy, like she's confused and smiling and I'm laughing because it's like a game.
Usually I'm SCARED yes SCARED to get changed in a dressing room - that's how fucked my SA is. See below, I'm still a little fat (11% Body Fat) but I know these shirts will look sxc as fk on me with some accesorries and 8%. Grey I can wear black accesories and the black shirt would look pretty sick with some gold. In the meantime, wear shirts with arms like the black shirt and less like the 1st pic in your POF.
Worst case scenario, you ruin your reputation and get banned from a couple stores, beat your AA, and then just move to a different big city where nobody knows you. Most of them make normal conversation and when they think the girl likes them - their KILLER INSTINCT kicks in.
Visitors are to make their own independent inquiries before acting on any information contained within the website forum. So yea I felt pretty good, actually really good, looking edgier than I usually do - and I actually enjoyed approaching the hot chicks, it was fun.
I kept feeling like there was a guy standing behind me watching me ask all these women for the time. It's still easy days though, and I know I can just repeat days if I get stuck on a day (HI FIVE DAY DREAD). Afterwards is a no-brainer; the bacteria from the zit will just sit on the skin and create more acne later on. Cold and dry weather makes it worse, but that's something I can hardly control, so I'm looking forward to the summer when my skin is always at its best. He has been with 20 girls at the age of 21, and has been in a relationship with a very (very) hot blonde for the last 3 years as well. The last few approaches I was being a bit more dynamic, walking to make sure I was in a girls path. Even when I have a regular sex life I'd be happy only having sex 1-2 times a week for the benefits. I just started changing my sheets every day or two, so it remains to be seen what kind of effect that has. Being independent of substance and other people is my no1 priority - if I find a cool guy then yes, probs wont happen.

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