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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The stock Android messaging app has improved quite a bit over the past few versions, but ita€™s just so boring compared to the options available in the Google Play store. Here are four SMS-replacement apps to help you spice up your texts with added visual customization and features.
Chomp SMS is my go-to SMS-replacement app; not because ita€™s the most feature-rich, necessarily, but because it has a clean, easy-to-use interface and settings menu. Chomp doesna€™t have as many features as some of the other SMS-replacement apps, but ita€™s good enough if you just want to add a pop of color or a fun background image to your texts.
Handcent SMS is a popular SMS-replacement app that has lots of customization features via Handcent themes and skins.
GoSMS themes are a bit like Handcent skins in that they offer a complete visual overhaula€”icons, fonts, animations, backgrounds, and text bubbles. Like Handcent, GoSMS has lots of non-visual features, including a private box for storing locked conversations, scheduled texts, text message backup, and folders. Pansi Studio says its Easy SMSA app is a€?fast, clean, and easya€? compared to other a€?huge, sluggisha€? SMS apps. Easy SMS is a simple, well-designed app that lets you visually customize your conversation list and individual conversations. Replacing the stock SMS app in Android is one of the quickest, easiest ways to customize the look of your smartphone. With a ton in the Google Play Store, here are some of the best backup and utility apps around.
Some of the default text messaging apps on the various Android smartphones available are half-decent while others are just plain bad. The emergence of free messaging apps has led to a drop in wireless carriers’ text-messaging revenue in the past few years, but texting continues to be the key to their business plans, an analyst says. Indeed, mobile subscribers had to pay up to 20 cents to send a text message or were required to pay for a monthly package. WhatsApp has become one of the world’s top five most downloaded mobile apps, and since it is available on all platforms, the owners say the app facilitates the transmission of over a billion messages per day. When Morals Meet Machines: Should Self-Driving Cars Favour Passengers or Pedestrians in a Crash? Digitcom, established in 1991, sells and supports Avaya, NEC, Cisco, and Nortel voice & data solutions, including the Avaya Partner, IP Office, and Communications Manager (S8300 ), Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and Unified Communications Manager Express (and UC500), and Nortel Norstar, and BCM 200, BCM 400, and BCM 450. Earn your program badge by watching webinars, reading ebooks, and responding to blog posts covering industry best practices. Each portal in OrgSync comes with a text-messaging feature at no additional cost to the organization.  Keep in mind that most providers charge for receiving text messages.

Send targeted messages to the appropriate audiences.  Select specific groups or individual users to receive your text message.
Users must opt-in to receive text messages from their organizations.  Users can opt-out from receiving text messages at any time by changing their Notification Settings. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and the OrgSync Blog to receive the latest updates, tips, and news.
The ability to customize the look and feel of your device by replacing stock apps is a feature thata€™s mostly unique to Android, so why are you wasting your time with an dull text messaging app? The app lets you customize the look and feel of your conversations and conversation list Chomp comes with a few very basic themes to help you get started, but youa€™ll definitely want to play around and create your own theme with custom colors, font styles, text bubble styles, and background pictures. The app also lets you customize notifications, including the notification icon, ringtone, and LED blink color.
Handcent themes are similar to Chomp themes: easy for users to customize with different colors, fonts, text bubble styles, and background photos. While themes stick to interchangeable backgrounds and colors, skins customize everything from icons and text-input boxes to the settings menu. Ita€™s got the same basic customization features as Chomp and Handcent, so you can customize your textsa€™ colors, fonts, and background photos, but its theme library is where it really stands out. And they're professionally designed, so if youa€™re looking for a major change (and you dona€™t necessarily trust your eye for a good color palette), theya€™re definitely the way to go. Although ita€™s got great themes and tons of features, GoSMS is probably the slowest, laggiest app in this round-up. And theya€™re righta€”ita€™s faster than Handcent and GoSMS Pro, and on par with the lighter-weight Chomp. Customization-wise, ita€™s not too different from Chomp: You can choose colors, font styles, text bubble styles, and background images to suit your tastes. Easy SMS is a little light on the features, but it feels much snappier than Handcent and GoSMS. Just download and install one of these apps, and youa€™ll have hot pink text bubbles and bright yellow text (ora€¦maybe something less jarring) in no time. If you are looking for an alternative Android text app you will surely be able to find one in this group of 5 of the best. If you are unhappy with your handset's default text messaging app it is simple to replace it with one that looks better, has more features and allows you to send those important text messages with speed and accuracy. As a study by the media and telecom consultancy Lemay-Yates Associates highlights, more than 50% of iPhone and BlackBerry owners use the pre-installed native messaging app. In fact, its ability to send unlimited free messages locally and internationally pushed it to No. According to data released last month by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA), consumers’ use of paid texting services is continuing to rise.

On monthly data plans, wireless players on average collect $39 for a 500 MB plan, $58 for 1GB plan and $75 for more than 2GB per month. Text messaging lets you reach your members on-the-go and provide instant notification for last-minute changes or event cancellations.
You can further modify the look of your texts with non-stock fonts, which you can download in custom font packs from Google Play. You can create your own Handcent theme, or you can browse other users' themes on Handcenta€™s network.
Unfortunately, professional designers don't work for free, and that means their themes aren't free.
Easy SMS does have a theme feature, but ita€™s closer to Handcenta€™s themes rather than GoSMSa€™s premium themes. This app is free and ad-supported, and it's not just little banner ads in the bottom of the screen.
Just remember to turn off the notifications from the default texting app by opening up the stock messaging app and going to Settings then Notification settings and unchecking the box next to Notifications. Now, the wireless players have changed their strategy: Since November, incumbent carriers Telus, Bell, and Rogers have included unlimited text messaging in their basic wireless plans. The data reveals that Canadians sent an average of 274 million text messages on a daily basis at the end of September 2012, up from about 240 million messages a day recorded a year previously. Like Chomp, Handcent also lets you customize notification icons, ringtones, and LED blink colors.
They cost $2 each, but you can get them for free by downloading sponsored apps and earning GetJar Gold. In other words, ita€™s just a pre-selected grouping of colors, font styles, text bubble styles, and background images.
If you dona€™t do this, youa€™ll get double notifications every time you receive a text message. Non-visual features include group SMS, text backup, private contacts and messaging, and a a€?text librarya€? of canned responses in different categories. Handcent has more features than Chomp (and more visual customization options), but ita€™s also slower and more sluggish. Handcent is free and ad-supported, but you can purchase a membership that removes ads (among other features like message archiving) for $6.

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