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Get ready to see the talented Nimrat Kaur in all new bold avatar as she unapologetically speaks her mind in the UnBlushed series by Blush. In the video, Nimrat bares no bones in sharing her experiences ranging from experimenting with marijuana, her father’s tragic demise at the hands of terrorists, Article 377 and not obessing over her dress size! Speaking about Unblushed, Nimrat said, “Shooting for Unblushed was a very interesting experience for me as I was put in a spot which was very exciting. Nimrat is the second actress, after Sayani Gupta, to be featured on Unblushed series that features women celebrities who are unapologetic, brave and beautiful. Rakshabandhan 2016: Make these Bollywood men your brothers by tying them a Rakhi and feel safe!

The actress bares it all on feminism, Article 377, her possible gay encounter and much more.
Making statements that are sure to surprise you, Nimrat, for the first time, reveals her possible gay encounter with an exotic female artist at a rooftop restaurant in New York. She admits that is very comfortable repeating outfits and shoes unlike other contemporary actresses. She candidly admits that at first she was foxed and unable to judge the artist’s pick up lines, but when the reality eventually dawned on her she made a quiet and quick exit.
But in the spirit of being candid and frank as Unblushed is, I felt that I could talk about these things and go on record about them.

I had a really good time chatting during the shoot – it was like a conversation between two people and I did not feel like an actor or celebrity being interviewed.

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