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Unfortunately I can’t put most of them through because they would make the general population physically ill. After reading all the comments on this site, i decided to give my own opinion, for what it’s worth. Maybe it’s just the way i was brought up but as long as something is covering their vagina’s i don’t see a problem, a thong is nothing more than underwear, it doesn’t make any person more sexy than when their not wearing them, people who think that a child wearing a thong make’s them ’sexy’ should get their head examined! I have no problem with my girls wearing them and niether does anyone else i know, maybe because my girls don’t go round lifting up their skirts and showing everyone is why i don’t have a problem with it! Even so, I cant even imagine at 9 years old that its appropriate for your daughter to be walking around in a THONG around the house with just a cami on. And as a father, especially a single father who has to work even harder on the growth of a child, I cant imagine how this would ever be acceptable.
Let us not forget thousands of years ago men wore thongs as normal attire first before women did. There’s a big difference between wanting attention and wanting to get raped or otherwise molested. It’s time for Americans to join the rest of the world and mellow out when i comes to nudity for those of any age.
I am 19 years old, my wife and i are having a baby girl and to see pictures like this and here comments like this mans has me terafied.
But any parent who would ever allow their child to wear adult clothing, and especially a thong hanging out, is completely irresponsible. My oldest sister used to work in a library, and the people in charge tried to make her give out sex-objects to young children, but she wouldn’t. Now, I am a 15 year old boy, and I watch with grim eyes as I see the world crashing down around me, thankful that I and my family shall not be destroyed with it. Some of you seriously need to get real, to suggest thongs are related to sex and the like is disgusting. Maybe early to mid teens would be a time to start thinking of panty lines, but i am trying to let her be a kid as long as possible. Wow what a damn waste of time you all could be spending actually parenting your bratty and disrespectful children. Are you all that ignorant to think that just because you say something to your children they listen? I am a lot like my parents but it is because of genetics and nature not because of things they taught me.
Rapist and molestors don’t give a fuck if you little shit head is in a thong, they care if their sickness manifests itself in your child. Even though I would never let my doughter wear a thong, until she is at least in the same age as i am and feels comfortable in them. To be honest any man looking at a girl that way won’t care what kind of underwear she is wearing.
Still I would put a minimum age of mid teens to even start allowing maturity to be a consideration.
New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Weather Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score More Sports News Crime U.S. Follow Us Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube Subscribe Follow UsNewsletter App Subscriptions Subscribe Get Our Newsletter A daily blend of the most need-to-know Daily News stories, delivered right to your inbox. Haley Dunphya€™s onscreen boyfriend problems are nothing compared to the real life restraining order a€?Modern Familya€? star Sarah Hyland got against her ex-boyfriend a€” claiming he choked her, pushed her and threatened her life. The petite actress, 23, said in court papers that her ex Matthew Prokop had physically and verbally abused her for the last four years, TMZ reported Tuesday.

According to court docs obtained by the website, Hylanda€™s onscreen mom Julie Bowen even witnessed some of the abuse.
Prokop, 24, who once appeared on a€?Modern Family,a€? allegedly pinned the diminutive Hyland against a car door during an argument in May over her clothes, TMZ said.
The 5-foot-2 star wrote in her court filing that she knew she was in an abusive relationship and asked her co-star, Bowen, to help her when she ended her six-year relationship with Prokop in late August. Bowen went to their house to help Hyland a€?peacefully end the relationship,a€? TMZ said, citing the court documents.
The actress said she presented Prokop with a plane ticket back to his home in Texas, but he a€?ran outside into the backyard and began screaming,a€? TMZ reported.
He allegedly threw a lighter at Hyland, who also claimed he threatened to set one of her homes on fire and told her shea€™d never see her dog again. Her distraught ex-boyfriend then a€?relentlessly bombarded me with vile, threatening and emotionally disturbing texts and voice mails including his own suicide threats,a€? the star wrote in court papers, according to TMZ. I had caught a glimpse of a young girl, in a Tinkerbell shirt no less, with a hot pink thong hanging out at the local park.
My girls don’t wear PJ’s on a night, they wear a thong and cami top even when walking round the house, it doesn’t bother them so why should it bother anyone else, at least their vagina’s are covered and as far as i am concerned that what matters! I at the middle of last month, went to a site to check it out and what the heck did i find? People who act on the controversial idea that suggestive clothing is any sort of invitation probably don’t belong in anywhere public.
I found this site because I was looking for it… That is, looking for such a site as this. They are just every day girls from a young age brought up in a world of thong wearing women and most will see it has the norm.
I was not aloud to wear low rise jeans or spaghetti strap shirts because it was too revealing.
If a parent slaps a child on the hand for doing something wrong, they are deterred from that action, but they dont know WHY its wrong.
Every lesson I learned about things that dealt with the physiological ramification of life I learned out in the world just like your stupid little kids will. But I had a sister that my parents tried to simply tell flat out that nothing of the sort was allowed. Once a person is old enough to argue for something they want beyond a simple temper tantrum you have to seriously consider the risk of denying it to them against the risk of what they don’t know about the world. I was scared and in fear for my life,a€? Hyland said in the court papers, according to TMZ.
My own dad thinks I should start an IP database to add anyone with those kinds of comments so the FBI can investigate them all. When she gets to a certian age i will not give her baths, walk in her room without knocking, walk around the house in my boxers its just the way i was brought up. As long as the government allows this madness, they will never stop teenage pregnancy, etc. Just look back when thongs became popular, like 2001-2003, some of these girls wear barely 6 or 7 years of age and will spend a good part the last 7 years with there mums, aunts, sisters and friends wearing thongs like they were another pair of underwear.
If a parent punishes a child for wearing a thong, when the child grows into adult, said child sees nothing wrong with looking like the example that society has set (i.e a slut). They are not animals and you will regret treating them like your pet rather than another human being. Get the hell away from you computer and go play with your children and talk with them like they are intelligent ask them for their opinion and don’t be such a militant douche bag to everyone around you.

But if you ask her why, she would defenetly not say becouse she want’s to look sexyer. Any man looking that way will be just as turned on if not more so by her looking like exactly what she is, a child. All I have to say that at the age of 23 she is finally getting her life back on track, but it took her a lot of effort.
The only reason one would want to wear underwear like a thong is because they want to imitate. She said the facility director contacted her after he was released and suggested she get a restraining order for her own protection, TMZ said. I am concerned about her choices, her clothing, her safety, her health and why shouldn’t I be, she is the only thing I have to actually get RIGHT in life. Strangly they both still act like children not Porn Stars, niether do they go around parading the fact that they are wearing thongs.
However, she is growing up quickly and I figure it wont be too long before her privacy factor will kick in and she will close her door when changing. Stop considering how much older and wiser you are than they are and start treating them as though they actually deserve the life that you gave them without their request.
She would say becouse she feels comforteble in them and becouse they don’t draw lines under her jeans. If it is simply because she enjoys them and knows enough that people should not see them then she might be old enough. We request that you respect the parties' privacy during this time," said attorney Lee Sherman. I did find myself a little disturbed at the site of a thong that looked like it was made for a pre-teen in a department store though. They are so jealous of younger girls regardless of their age, because they are losing their looks and bodies that they know men are no longer interested in them. I would much rather marry a woman with true beauty than a woman with a thong up her bottom. Plus I am a woman (and her mother) so I figure its fair game to be more open  in naked situations till she is no longer comfortable with it. He is a fraud and a liar, and should be hung up by his gonads, and the girls should be taken away from him. Even my little sisters classmates wear one (in my opinion even 13 is too young to be wearing one).
Now if she was doing something sexy in it, I would say something and I am sure her dad would too. So why then do these parents allow their children to dress like adults, and especially with all these perverts around?
None of my family would ever wear adult clothing before they were adults, and my parents would never allow it anyway. If the child chooses to wear adult clothing, then it proves that it does not have such an ability.

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