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With the price of kids' clothing and school supplies on the rise, back-to-school time can feel like break-the-bank time. Invite fellow parents with kids of all ages to bring last year's gently used clothing and school supplies to a party where children can exchange clothing with friends rather than be stuck wearing their siblings' castoffs. The trickiest part of a kids' clothing exchange is the variety of sizes among all the kids. With the invites, attach a short survey for the guests to fill out and return before the big day. Once you have all the surveys back, double-check to make sure that the sizes of the clothes needed and the clothes being donated match up. Of course, the problem remains that the oldest siblings among all the invited guests won't have anyone larger to exchange clothes with. Party favors go a long way toward pacifying those kids who yearn for brand-new school clothes. If you've planned properly, you'll have several kids needing and several parents donating each of the clothing sizes represented at the party. Or, if you are hosting for a younger crowd, plan the swap on the weekend when Dad can watch the kids or after bedtime so parents can select clothing in peace and have the opportunity to socialize with other adults. The best choice when it comes to the leftover clothes is to donate them to a local charity. For some more pointers, check out Frugal Mama, who offers some great insight into her first experience with a professional clothing swap!
Families with multiple kids might cut costs by passing clothing down to younger siblings, but that can lead to little ones crying, "No fair!" Skip the hand-me-down drama and trade it in for a fabulous hand-me-over kids' clothing-exchange party.
Hosting a successful clothing swap can save you some money, build camaraderie among children and help you unclutter your own house.
Second-toughest is making sure the clothing brought in isn't too worn out to last for another rough-and-tumble kid. Important questions to include are what sizes and genders of clothing are they planning on bringing as well as the total quantity of items. That will help you ensure there will be the right size of clothing for every parent to exchange.
For example, if a parent is bringing size 4 girls' items and needs size 5 girls' items, make sure another parent is bringing some size 5 girls' items while a third brings size 4 girls' items. Given the amount of people you're inviting, hosting it potluck style could be both fun and money saving.
Hit your local dollar store to purchase inexpensive school supplies that are both fun and useful, such as colorful folders, pencils and novelty erasers. Keep kids from fighting over the clothes they want by devising a playground-style selection system.

Follow the order forward for the first round, meaning that the child with the number 1 selects first, and so on. Donating the leftovers further articulates to the children in attendance the importance of sharing and giving back to our community. You can solve both of these dilemmas by setting some clear parameters before the party happens.
This will help to ensure that there is enough clothing per age group and gender for everyone in attendance to get some quality pieces. Sidestep the new-clothes controversy by purchasing the gift cards at a local clothing-exchange store or a thrift store.
Depending on the time of day, you might be able to get away with just finger foods and appetizers. For round two, reverse the order so the child with the highest number selects two items in a row and the child with the number 1 selects last.
There are many thrift stores and back-to-school clothing drives that would greatly benefit from a donation. Or she responds back quickly and then, after a few more short texts, she never texts you again. Of course, it’s also possible that she lost her phone while rescuing a child from a burning home or something like that, but let’s focus on making a good first impression. To avoid her not responding to you, remember to:Make a good impression when getting her numberShe probably won’t have enough time to get to know you well enough just from your conversation, so the impression you make with your presence is very important. If she doesn’t show any initial interest, you know that trying to contact her later will be a waste of time.State your intentions directly. I’ve got to go, but this Saturday I’ll text you and we can go to the movies or this great new Indian restaurant.
This way when you ask her for her number, you are clearly showing your intentions to meet her again.Girls that are interested in you will be happy to give you their numbers. Notice if she is smiling and laughing or just chatting with you like she has nothing better to do. There is a good chance that texting them will go well.Make sure you text her at the right timeA lot of girls have an “I don’t want to be considered easy” attitude. It’s almost guaranteed that after meeting up for the first time the girl is waiting for you to text her. The girl’s role in this whole love game is giving you her number and waiting for you to contact her. It depends on the situation, but a good rule of thumb is to wait at least 24-hours to text her. That’s exactly how it should go, but let her wait a bit and she will begin waiting for your text in anticipation.

Don’t give her the impression that you are texting her just because you have nothing better to do.What to include in a first messageThe first few messages are crucial for making a good impression. For example, if she said she was going shopping the next day and that her cousin was visiting, use this information to show her that you were paying attention.
Did you enjoy hanging out with your cousin today?”Ask her questions and avoid texts that don’t lead anywhere. It’s always nice having a great conversation via text, but the point of texting or just communication in general is getting into her REAL LIFE.Make it clear that you want to hang out in your text messages. If you don’t have time to meet up with her today or tomorrow say:– How about going out to dinner sometime soon? Which day works best for you?Checkout this system if you need a step-by-step guidance on how to get her back, even if she didn’t reply to any of your texts!She may not respond immediately, but she should respond by the following day. If you really like her and she doesn’t call or text back within the next few days, call her or send a message.Persistence via text or phone can make wonders…Remember it’s important to remain cool, and text in a laid-back way. Don’t fall into the same traps that most men do; being needy, full of complaints, or pissed off at a girl for not replying; you’ll be sure of not getting a reply!Of course it may seem impolite that she hasn’t responded, but remember to her you’re a stranger! You want to be seen as an attractive, popular guy, so wait a few days before texting her, and don’t write anything like “I just want to talk to you, blah blah blah”.
In this case make it a rule of thumb to respond in the following ways: She doesn’t reply after one day- give her another day to respond.
She doesn’t reply after two texts or a of couple days- give her a few more days to respond.
And so on, and so on…If she really never responds:There could be a few explanations for this.
Take a risk next time and make it apparent that meeting in person is better than just merely texting.Checkout this system if you need a step-by-step guidance on how to get her back, even if she didn’t reply to any of your texts! We are the pursuers and they pretty much pick and choose,women get way more attention then men.
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