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The Nigerian men's soccer team didn't show any fatigue from a last-minute trip that brought the players to Brazil just hours before their Rio Olympics opener, beating Japan 5-4 Thursday night.A mix-up at the airport forced Nigeria to make a late flight from Atlanta to Brazil.
Fiercely independent, Prager's opinions, intellect, and integrity have influenced millions of lives through books, lectures, and broadcasts. It sounds too good to be true, but teachers, nurses, and others can get a portion of their student loans erased.
Maybe you worked hard to save money in college, diligently keeping your student loan debt in mind.
One idea often thrown around when talking about student loan debt is the option of Student Loan Forgiveness. Many people don’t explore this “too good to be true” option since they don’t know about it, they don’t understand it, or they don’t think they’d qualify for such an amazing benefit. Before you get too excited at the idea of getting a portion of your loans wiped out, consider the positive and negative things about opting for a job that offers student loan forgiveness.
Besides alleviating some of the student loan burden you have, these positions also offer a salary, unlike volunteering. You’re earning cash, gaining work experience, and building a resume all while earning extra money toward your student loans.
In many situations, you are also getting the opportunity to work in areas or fields where you are desperately needed and can really make a difference in people’s lives. Opportunities often come with rigid guidelines about who qualifies, what type of loans qualify, and how long you have to work there before you receive assistance. Consider getting a full-time public service job within federal or local government, or at a nonprofit organization that’s designated tax-exempt by the IRS.
Even some private nonprofits that are not tax-exempt organizations can qualify if they provide certain public services. If you continue to make 120 qualifying payments (10 years’ worth) under the Standard, Income-Based, Income-Contingent, or Pay As You Earn repayment plans while you’re working full-time, you may qualify for forgiveness of your remaining student loan balance. If you teach full-time for five consecutive years in specific school serving low-income families, you can be eligible for student loan forgiveness. If you’re a qualified veterinarian and willing to serve in a high-priority veterinary shortage situations for a specific amount of time, you can be eligible for this repayment plan. You may be eligible to receive $25,000 per year toward your student loan debt for a 3-year commitment in the shortage area. There are Loan Repayment Assistance Programs, also known as LRAPs, for lawyers interested in pursuing a job in a public interest position. These loan assistance plans can include student debt forgiveness or lower payments on the loan. If you are a lawyer and would be willing to serve in public interest or nonprofit positions, you can also contact Equal Justice Works for information on whether or not your school would offer student loan forgiveness. Health professionals from disadvantaged backgrounds serving on the faculty at an accredited health profession college or university can participate in this loan repayment program. You’ll receive $40,000 for two years of service for teaching full- or part-time at an accredited health school. Qualifying disciplines include: Allopathic Medicine, Osteopathic Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Optometry, Nursing, Public Health, Physician Assistant, Clinical Psychology, Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, Professional Counseling, Dental Hygiene, Medical Laboratory Technology, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Audiology, and Registered Dietitian.

If you’re a health professional with a doctoral degree, you may be eligible for this loan forgiveness program.
Your total debt needs to be equal to or greater than 20 percent of your base salary, and you’ll need to be working with this research for at least 20 hours per week.
If you are a licensed nurse and willing to work in a registered nurse shortage area, you can receive up to 60 percent of your loans paid for two years of service, and up to 85 percent paid for three years of service. You’ll need to work full-time (at least 32 hours per week), and you’ll be considered ineligible if you have defaulted on any federal payment obligations.
The Indian Health Service (IHS) is a federal health program for American Indians and Alaska natives. Eligible health profession fields vary greatly and include: Acupuncturist, Chemical Dependency Counselors, Dental Assistants, Environmental Engineering, Medical Laboratory Technician, Diagnostic Radiology Tech, Optometry, Chiropractic, Physician Assistant, and many more. You can be then eligible to receive up to $40,000 toward the repayment of your qualified student loans. The National Service Health Corps offers student loan debt relief to health care providers who are willing to practice in an area where they are needed.
The State Loan Repayment Program, also known as SLRP, is similar to the NHSC Loan Repayment Program. To see if your state participates in this program, and to find out more about the application process, visit the U.S.
Consider the pros and cons of the position. Like all the other student loan forgiveness opportunities, don’t jump in.
Maybe you made some huge financial mistakes during college and ended up taking out much more than you imagined. Student Loan Forgiveness is simply what it sounds like – a portion of your student loan debt gets forgiven, and you no longer owe that set amount of money. That is exactly why I decided to do this Student Loan Forgiveness series, exploring different ways you can eliminate some or all of your student loan debt. It could be because the job pays a lower salary, the working conditions are harder, the location isn’t desirable, or other factors. Some of these include military service, emergency management, public safety, law enforcement services, public health services, public education, public library services, public interest law services, public service for elderly or those with disabilities, or early childhood education. Payments must be received on time and be made while you are working at the qualifying public service organization.
Department of Education website for more information on how to apply for Public Service Loan Forgiveness.
To qualify, you need to have worked full-time for a minimum of one year at a Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) member company at the time you apply, and have successfully completed a program of study at an accredited college or technical program with a minimum 2.5 grade point average. If you have a loan from the Federal Perkins Loan Program, you can qualify for up to 100 percent of a Federal Perkins loan cancellation. Department of Education’s website for more information on this program, including eligibility requirements and how to apply. According to, there is often an income cap on what you can be earning while you’re receiving any type of loan assistance.
Visit the American Bar Association’s website for more information about these opportunities.

You’ll need to pursue a career in biomedical, behavioral, social, or clinical research for two years funded by a domestic nonprofit organization or U.S.
To be eligible for this award, you commit to work full-time in an Indian health program site for two-years. These sites are dedicated to providing care to American Indian and Alaska native communities. You’ll need to be a licensed primary care medical, dental, or behavioral health care worker. Those who serve for two years at a Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) with a level of 14 or above can receive $50,000 toward their student loans.
Both offer loan forgiveness to practicing, licensed health care professionals who work in designated areas with health care professional shortages. Know exactly what you’ll be doing, take stock of the sacrifices you may need to make, and of course, know the conditions of the loan forgiveness.
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Delta Air Lines cited a "communications mix-up" that grounded the team's original Friday flight.Jinadu said the problem stemmed from poor planning and coordination on the part of the Nigerian team in leaving Atlanta, where it has been training to prepare for the games.
Whatever road you took to amass this student loan debt, now is the time to start planning your exit route.
Those working at a site with an HPSA level of 12 or below can receive $30,000 for two years of service.
Service completion requirements, the amount of student loan debt that can be repaid, and how long you’ll need to work in the designated area can all vary by state. For more information and a complete list of our advertising partners, please check out our full Advertising Disclosure. We also have free parking available for all our clients and we do not hide behind cold uncaring glass.
Start your application online, through our application page and one of our friendly knowledgeable staff will contact you for any questions they may have and gladly pre-qualify you for your loan. Call us if you don't believe us and we will tell you how much it costs to borrow what you need. He said the team had assumed it could simply buy plane tickets to Rio at the last minute — just like Nigerians do in their home country to book travel.They then encountered a crush of travelers and lack of flights at the busy Atlanta airport, where several Brazil-bound trips were originating. For example, Colorado requires three years of service as opposed to the two years required by the NHCS program. The team thought it had a backup plan on Wednesday, but the plane wasn't big enough to accommodate the team, Jinadu said.The flight the team finally boarded was on a chartered Delta jet.
The information in our reviews could be different from what you find when visiting a financial institution, service provider or a specific product's website. Their national soccer federation took out a loan to meet their demands, and the team caught a later flight.

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