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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. KD 7 EASY MONEY The KD 7 Easy Money is a colorway of the KD 7 based on Kevin Durant’s nickname.
Now that your Labor Day weekend of leisure is over, it’s time to look to the future and see which sneakers are releasing in September, 2014. Yesterday, Nike officially launched the KD 7 signature shoe at a special media-only event at the Newseum in Washington DC.
As summer comes to an end, women across the country are beginning to pack away their summer dresses, shorts and sandals in exchange for clothing more fitting of cooler temperatures.
Holly Perez is a consumer money expert at Intuit and Mint spokeswoman, a leading money management tool that helps people understand and do more with their money so they can achieve their dreams. If this guy has sent this to anyone else, there's a good chance someone actually fell for it.
It's probably just one of those sites where you have to fill out a survey at the end, so the owner of the website gets money while tricking you that you'll get free gift codes etc. Before you cave in to the temptation of updating your wardrobe with the latest fall fashions, consider these tips to help you revamp your closet without breaking the bank. Assess your existing wardrobe to ensure you wona€™t unnecessarily spend on items you dona€™t need. Gilt, HauteLook and Beyond the Rack are easy to sign up for and regularly offer flash sales on mid-to-high-end designers that you may otherwise be unable to afford.

The cheapest way to refresh your fall wardrobe is to look through what you already have; chances are there is undiscovered potential hanging right in front of you. The easiest way to make an inexpensive piece of clothing look like ita€™s right off the runway? Shop a vintage or consignment shop for classic, hard to find pieces, as well as brand names. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you have been placed in read-only mode. Organize your wardrobe into the basic essentials including dress pants, jeans, skirts, jackets, blouses and dresses a€“ this list is the foundation of any good wardrobe. You can sell unwanted clothing at consignment shops, and put that money toward new purchases. Stores are practically giving things away at the end of each season to make room for next season's goods. Typically, a woman can mix and match these items to create outfits for any occasion without spending a lot of money to buy new clothes. Look at old standbys in new ways, and put together some fresh looks without having to go broke.
Some things may just need a nip, a tuck, a narrower leg or a shorter hem to take on this seasona€™s proportions.
The kits, called a€?fixes,a€? often contain staples, like a good pair of black pants, but will also include a couple wild cards and accessories.

Fall and winter staples such as wool pants, cashmere sweaters and coats are timeless and can immediately look shiny and new when paired with items you purchased more recently. These immediately make every ensemble in your closet feel updated and hip a€“ and everyone will be coveting your unique pieces.
Typically, fall clothing sales will start in September through October, and winter sales will start directly after Thanksgiving. In addition to thrift shopping, a quick do-it-yourself fix can take something youa€™re growing tired of and give it a face-lift. Sales will continue through the holiday season, and clearance starts the day after Christmas through January.
Or if you are headed to a fall wedding or gala and need a dress, sites like Rent the Runway give customers the opportunity to rent luxury, designer clothing or accessories for a fraction of the retail cost. For example, add pins and brooches to your outfits and handbags to give old pieces some new flair. You can also try replacing plastic buttons on a coat or blazer to make it look more upscale.

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