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Like most journalists, Atlantic writers tend to be both curious and often hungry, which might be why we write so much about the price of food and drinks.
In fact, if you consider "cheap eats at home" the most important measure of social welfare, the United States is the greatest country on earth. One reason we spend so little money at home is that we spend so much more money under other people's roofs.
This is all part of one of the happiest economic stories of the last century -- the falling relative price of essentials like food and apparel in the 20th century.
But "average household" doesn't mean much in a country where the top 20 percent earns 15 times the bottom 20 percent. The short answer is that relative food costs are low and falling fast for everybody -- but they're not falling for the poor. It's well understood that everybody needs food to live, no matter how much money they make.

Deep inside the numbers, you see some pretty spectacular differences between rich and poor families' eating habits. Overall, the falling burden of food costs is good news for lower- and middle-class families. In other words, we can't rule out that the lowest-income households only spend one-sixth of their money on food, not only because real food prices are falling, but also because they're forced to consume less, as mortgages and gas prices eat into the budget. Derek Thompson is a senior editor at The Atlantic, where he writes about economics, labor markets, and the entertainment business. We walk the talk when it comes to delivering exceptional value - from our famous king-sized chicken to our double big boss burgers and family feasts. People use Snupit to search for everything from the city's tastiest pizza to the most renowned cardiologist. Over the last century, Americans have spent more and more on food they didn't prepare at home.
So how do poor families food budgets compare to the rich -- and how that changed over the last 30 years?
It means they can devote more money to things like health care and education and energy and homes, which are getting expensive faster than their wages are rising.

The most important difference between rich families and poor families when it comes to food spending isn't really what they eat, but where they spend their food money.
But we shouldn't rule out the possibility that those accelerating costs are putting pressure on poor families to spend less on food.
Same general idea, though, but keep in mind that richer households are more likely to save more, so dividing by income will always give you a lower number than dividing by spending. It's a global trend: Food is getting cheaper relative to incomes everywhere with rising incomes. In the last three decades, food's share of the family budget has fallen for all but the poorest families, where it's stayed the same.
So how are rich people earning so much more, but spending nearly the same share of their budgets on food? We spend less of our cash on food than any other country -- "half as much as households in France," according to Dorothy Gambrell.

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