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Today, I came across an interesting blog post by Dave Snowden who apparently is something of an expert when it comes knowledge management (whatever that is). Snowden writes about the dangers of rose tinting — that is trying to map out a route to some ideal future instead of working in the present and relating to the real problems at hand. His point being that idealists tend to be unable to embrace dissent and learn from it, and so they seek and encourage confirmation rather than conflict. I’ll be the first to admit to having a utopian bent, so for me this is a welcome warning.

Snowden goes on to say that you won’t change things by lecturing people on how old fashioned their thinking is.
Instead of lecturing, Snowden suggests that you put people “into situations and give them tools where old ways of thinking are not sustainable and they have to act differently.
Most of what I do revolves around organising civil society to make it stronger, more vibrant and powerful.
Read my book"Borgerlyst — Handlekraft i hverdagen” is the book that I co-wrote with Nadja Pass.

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