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Alongside Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Mini, smartphone fans in the United Kingdom will also be treated with another device and this time, it’ll come out of Sony’s own backyard. The Xperia T3 was also launched in the UK and will be exclusively distributed by Carphone Warehouse. Vodafone’s contract will likewise tag 300 minutes and unlimited texts plus 250MB of mobile data.

It’s also worth mentioning that the T3 is the first Xperia to don a steel frame and Sony was also able to make it sexy at only 7mm thick and a lightweight 148 grams.
Fans of Sony’s Xperia lineup will also be able to choose the T3 in three flavors: white, black and purple.
The device will be free if you sign a contract with Vodafone provided that you’re ready to pay at least ?22.50 a month for two years.

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