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We are working hard for you and glad to present new version 1.3 of our free Apple application, that opens possibility to send free SMS to 457 carriers around the globe!
We added vietnamese and japanese localization, ability to get access from restricted networks and internet quality indicator.
It is no secret that the world has become amazingly advanced nowadays and distance is no longer an obstacle for people who wish to stay connected day and night! A lot of people who have heard about this advanced application, wonder about the conditions and terms of using it.
Messaging plays a highly important role when it comes to expressing your ideas and communicating with your near and dear. The most effective way to reach customers across the world is SMS Text Messaging and a standard mode to send messages that comprise multimedia content to and from mobile phones is MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service).
A customer engagement & mobile marketing solutions company, TextServ has provided this service. Registered users can start sending free message of 700 characters and up to 5 people at a time globally through Text4FreeOnline.
For assurance that Text Reminders get delivered, sending vital messages & Text Blasts and for inviting friends when you are not familiar with their carrier network, use premium messages. This is because communication systems have developed significantly and lots of innovations have been implemented recently.
As a matter of fact, there are no special requirements or restrictions related to this app, since it is available to anyone who has an IPod or IPhone connected to the Internet. No wonder, this new application provided by Apple Store has already become extremely popular with customers these days! One of the core goals of Text4FreeOnline is to make their Free SMS & Group SMS service readily accessible to as many users as possible.

These wonderful looking Apps let individuals and small businesses to leverage all the authority of the Group Messaging and Bulk SMS features of the online version through their handsets with complete support for real-time Text Chat, Text Blasts and Text Reminders.
And it is not a dream, but reality, because you can make use of this function any time you wish today! Gone are those days when you had to write and send letters and telegrams and then wait until you receive the answer.
If you have any of these devices, then nothing can prevent you from making use of this service today!
Users agree that it is really convenient and exciting to send text message and make international calling without having to spend money on it!
Get helpPassword recoveryRecover your passwordyour email A password will be e-mailed to you. Text with your family, friends, co-workers and customers right from your computer as well as view their responses as they text you back. Many other options are available on the site including Text wall, Text reminder, Text blast, etc.
Today, we live in the era of Internet communication and advanced mobile phones, due to which a few clicks are enough to get in touch with people you love. So, if you wish to make use of this fascinating service as well, then hurry up to get yourself this application the sooner the better! Also send and receive pictures but you have to usually send a picture prior to receiving one, though this differs by network.
One can even block their number by filling up form given on the site if they want to stop receiving text via Text4FreeOnline. If you wish to send unlimited messages then go for any plan you like the most: Our family plan, Basic plan or Our pro plan.

The only thing that frustrated people before was that mobile phone calls and SMS were quite costly and you always needed to check your credit in order to make sure you had enough funds to communicate with your loved ones. It has everything you need to write and send Free text message to your friends and family completely for free! If you have often faced this situation, then it is high time for you to forget about all those troubles and make use of this new free texting online option!
There are no charges and extra conditions to send messages anymore and the number of SMS you may send to any location of the world where there is Internet connection is truly unlimited! As soon as you are done with the task, just press the corresponding button and your SMS textfree will be delivered in less than 20 secs! Most of these online free SMS providers support most of the countries such as India, US, Australia, China, Taiwan, UK and more.Using online free SMS text messaging services will be a pleasure since enjoying the free charges to send free international SMS. Their free international SMS service allows you send unlimited text messages to your friends and family members whenever you like. However, not all carriers in 56 countries are supported and you should check the supported country SMS carrier first before you sending free SMS text messaging to any recipient. No registration required.Beside that, you can receive SMS replies using TxtDrop service if you install their TxtDrop Windows Vista or Mac OS X gadget by specify your email address and receive replies.
Ahsanit a very good site for sms vinui need it i hope it is very helpful yo me smssevasend free sms to any mobile in india.

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