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Researchers at the University of Utah and AAA found that using hands-free electronic devices and on-board technology can cause dangerous levels of driver distraction.
Distracted driving killed 3,331 people on American streets in 2011, yet car manufacturers continue to outdo each other to add more infotainment distractions in their vehicles. AAA recently teamed up with experts at the University of Utah to conduct the most in-depth analysis to date of the impact of cognitive distractions on drivers’ performance. The researchers had subjects first perform a series of eight tasks, ranging from nothing at all to usage of various electronic devices to something called OSPAN, or operation span, which sets the maximum demand the average adult brain can handle.
The subjects then performed these eight tasks while operating a driving simulator, and then while driving on residential streets in an “instrumented” vehicle that captures information about the driver’s eye movements and brain activity. In each environment, researchers studied how the additional tasks added to subjects’ “cognitive workload” and diminished their eye movements. This bolsters the conclusions of previous experiments: that when drivers are mentally distracted by some other task, they get tunnel vision. Some activities, such as listening to the radio or a book on tape, are not very distracting. Distracted drivers get tunnel vision, looking ahead without checking for other potential trouble spots.
The researchers note that of the eight tasks, only one required subjects to take their hands off the wheel (using the handheld phone), and none involved taking their eyes off the road, so the decreased attention and increased reaction times were are all attributable to cognitive distraction – something all the hands-free gizmos in the world can’t fix. Increased use of these distracting technologies contribute to a “looming public safety crisis,” said AAA President and CEO Robert Darbelnet in a statement. The study authors say they hope their findings will be used to craft “scientifically-based policies on driver distraction,” particularly in relation to cognitive distraction. Limiting the use of voice-activated technology to core driving-related activities such as climate control, windshield wipers and cruise control, and ensuring that these applications do not lead to increased safety risk due to mental distraction while the car is moving.
Disabling certain uses of voice-to-text technologies including social media, e-mail and text messaging, so that they are inoperable while the vehicle is in motion.
Educating vehicle owners and mobile device users about the responsible use and safety risks of in-vehicle technologies.
AAA has met with safety advocates and provided copies of the report to CEOs of all major U.S. The danger is when your talking on the phone, your mind is concentrating on the talk and driving is on the back shelf, it’s not whether your hands are physically off the wheel or not. Cars should have internal cell phone jammers which operate whenever the vehicle is in motion. Many people then wonder: Why is talking with a person who is in the car with you so much less distracting than talking on the phone? Well, it turns out that it has everything to do with the ability of the person to see what the driver is doing. I always thought the study that showed this to be true (from about 10 years back) was pretty neat.
I still have noticed that most people think that “hands free” solves the problem but the problem has nothing to do with your hands! I got a Ford Focus from Zip-car once and with all the Sync crap its got buttons all over the steering wheel with d-pads and three screens behind the dashboard with all this information I don’t need.

I rented a new Chevy Malibu recently and I had to stop the car to turn on the goddamn air conditioner. The Department of Transportation’s NHTSA has published guidelines calling for carmakers to take account of almost exactly the points mentioned in this story. All this said, I’m not clear if the study looked at the physical effect of using a handheld cellphone while driving. Thankfully, in 10 years or so the majority of the cars on the road will be self-driven, and the humans inside will be free to distract themselves to their hearts content without endangering any lives. I suppose you could do something like that although I wonder if passengers talking on the phone is also possibly a distraction to the driver? I don’t see how passengers talking on the phone would be any more of a distraction than passengers talking amongst themselves. Hi Susan, do you know the authors or title of this study you mention from ten years ago, contrasting hands-free devices with passengers? Copyright NoticeThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it.
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If you do not want to use the emulator, there is a version of Whatsapp for PC or Computer that enables you download the app. Note: Remember that the version does not matter, what matters is that you still get the same features on all Whatsapp for PC downloads. This is an app that can be used for business purposes and it’s easier compared to other messaging apps. WhatsApp for PC is a cross platform application so you are always connected to your friends and colleagues. They found that some hands-free technologies, like voice-to-text email, can be far more dangerous than even handheld phone conversations. For the OSPAN, the researchers gave subjects words and math problems to recall later, in the same order, as a way to “anchor the high end of the cognitive distraction scale developed by the research team,” according to AAA’s Jake Nelson. They found that as drivers devote more mental energy to other tasks in addition to driving, the less observant they become, and the more they fail to scan for roadway hazards.
A person in the passenger seat instinctively knows to stop talking or may even warn the driver when there is something to pay attention to on the road.
It’s one of those studies that takes what most people assume to be true and just blows it out of the water. I like the fact that cars have this new technology built in but I can’t drive a car with all that crap on the drivers side. I can definitely spot drivers driving using a handheld cellphone because of the erratic way they turn while holding the wheel with only one hand.

Seriously, I’m glad they are on the record as saying these devices suck as far as roadway safety is concerned. Its not about your eyes being off the road as much as its about your MIND being off the road. You do not have to restrict yourself to texting alone; with Whatsapp Messenger you can send multimedia files or even create groups at absolutely no charge.
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Carmakers seek to show their commitment to safety by making their distractions – onboard dinner reservation apps and social media, for example – hands-free.
Unlike previous studies, they also found that conversations with passengers can be more distracting than those on the phone, but only if the passenger is kept unaware of what’s happening on the road.
Finally, there are in-vehicle activities, such as using a speech-to-text system to send and receive text or e-mail messages, which produced a relatively high level of cognitive distraction.
Anything which interferes with any of the driver’s senses can be potentially distracting. You will no longer have hefty bills at the end of the month while sending messages to friends abroad. While downloading Bluestack, your computer will not be prone to viruses since you are ensured with safety.
But a growing body of research indicates that there is no safe way to combine driving with tasks like dictating email or text messages. The data suggest that a rush to voice-based interactions in the vehicle may have unintended consequences that adversely affect traffic safety.
But, many of those same people use hands-free devices while driving even though the evidences says it’s not that much better. Turns out the phone had not rung at all – it was a sound effect on a commercial and it sounded exactly like my ring tone! With Whatsapp for PC download, you do not need other chat clients for Google, MSN and Yahoo or other chat programs available.
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