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With all the 1D drama floating about we’ve decided to divert to another boyband for a second and bring you some very exciting Janoskians news. Stripteases, macing and on stage vomming – Read everything that went down at Janofest.
Before we fill you in on all the crazy things that those Aussie lads did on stage we need to give a massive shoutout to the boys’ amazing support acts. Those beaut Janoskian lads are over our side of the pond for their MASSIVE Janofest performance this Saturday. The Janoskians go streaking in their ‘LA Girl’ video, just WHAT is down their pants?
At least we can sort of experience that feeling by watching the Janoskians run round in their undies.
It reminds us of the good old days watching Blink 182 on the music channels and quickly changing over to Magic when we heard our parents coming down the corridor. Our fave Aussie lads have kinda gone and released a shiny new EP and it’s available to download right this second. The album is titled ‘Would U Love Me’, ummm lads we already do love you and even more so after listening to this cracker of an EP. There’s always something fascinating about hearing celebrities telling tales of their first kisses isn’t there?

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They’re different to Australia and America and all the fans there every time we go to the UK are crazy, we’re so excited for Janofest!
Naturally we jumped on that shizz straight away, and we can assure you that you’re in for a treat.
So as a belated Valentine’s gift to you all Top of the Pops magazine have got some of your pop faves spilling the beans on just how wrong they got it. It’s gonna be so sick because people are flying from around the world to see it, we’re so excited! Continue reading The Janoskians would throw tampons in a ninja’s face… as ya do lads!

Do you reckon that’s all their own package or have they got something down their y fronts?
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