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SMS is one of the most interesting activities that the generation Y does using their Android devices. Handscent was our first interaction with an Android app that replaces the stock messaging app for the Android platform and trust us the app left an everlasting expression after the first use and hence we would like to put the app at the top of the list today.
Chomp SMs is another interesting Sms app that we have in the Android marketplace while the chomp SMS app is one of the more better looking one with the interface showing time stamp on messages along with the thumbnails of the user who has sent the SMS synced with the social if at all he is on one. Text plus is an impressive SMS replacement app for the Android platform, while the above mentioned applications have their own drawbacks and positivity textPlus has the same set out for itself as well.
Google Voice as most of you must be familiar of is the voice to text messaging service run by Google. We bring you daily best android apps, games and review of top application from the hundred of the applications releasing everyday in the market.

In fact the Android operating developers and the people that are associated with the Android platform are very much acquainted with that fact. The app gives you a completely customizable interface with the customizable fonts, font sizes and also the customizable background.
You can set different message tones for different people so that you do not get disturbed by the unwanted messages and can easily go through the most important ones only on your Android. While the NImbuzz app makes the sending and receiving of messages from your Android much more easier it also facilitates sending picture and Media SMS. The service runs in this way that you learn the commands of the system and then speak whatever you have to send in your Android followed with a specific command. Other notable features of Nimbuzz include Chat history, Screen notifications, Contacts search, Groups management, and Quick Scroll.

It is not only a SMs replacement app but also an application to send free SMS to other phones around the country. Therefore we have brought to you today a collection of top 5 amazing Android messaging apps, which we think might make the act of sending free text messages from your Android device really-really fun. Do not forget to make the download and let us know of your opinions about the same in the comments section below.

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