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You can check your earnings in your ultoo wallet and you can also check the history by credit and debit history. Now a days SMSes are known as the alternatives to letters as they are fast in conveying our message to our loved ones so most of us always love to send SMS to our loved ones.
Here we come with 5 messaging websites allows you to send fee text messages to any mobile providers. Note : These are the 5 free messaging websites in our knowledge and if there is any other sites in your knowledge rather than these sites and delivers better service please mention it with your valuable comments. You earn 1 Paisa For Every Poll Question you create and Earn 10 paisa for submitting your poll. Refer friends and get Rs.1 for every referral which for inviting friends through SMS or through email Rs 1. This blog uses premium CommentLuv The version of CommentLuv on this site is no longer supported. After registering to the site the users can send SMS either in Group SMS, Bulk SMS or online SMS.

All these websites gives you some dummy mobile numbers which can be used during registration on websites.
Out of the 160 characters of a standard SMS the site offer 140 characters to send your Personal SMS. X10i33m?fields=duration,explicit,id,onair, ,thumbnail_180_url touching target device is neatly organized. Your earnings cannot be transferred and you don’t have an option of an alternative product instead of your earnings.
Use the dummy number and paste it on the website that asks for entering the mobile number for the verification code. But we found the other way by which you can send unlimited messages free to any mobile providers in India. After few seconds, check the used mobile number on the same website to read the SMS sent to that dummy number.
You can stay in touch with your friends and relatives at zero cost thereby earning from this.

There are tons of free SMS services on the net, most of them are either out of service or the web appears to be too spammy to be read, to a certain extent, some disguise as free service while charging the receiver a small sum of money.
I’ve compiled a list of free SMS services via internet, the following services allows you to send sms messages from your computer to most countries such as India, Australia, China, Taiwan, UK and more. At the time of writing, Jaxtr is a workable free sms service for everyone to us, as time goes by, they may change a small fee. You have successfully completetd SMS verification online.This method is also very useful if you want to protect your privacy by keeping your personal phone number to yourself. Hidden tracking rookie or fax they include rainfall probabilities, severe weather forecasting.
Simple, those who lives in third world countries such as India, China, Brazil and many more finds that each sms cost them a fortune.

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