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This site offers you the opportunity to send unrestricted international SMS free of charge. This website is distinct from the other websites because of the following features:  It enables you sending of long character SMS with a maximum of 440 characters. The site was quite popular at some point in India owing to its advanced features that enable you schedule sending of message.
The site enables you send SMS message to all mobile numbers in India regardless of whether is GSM or CDMA. As I discussed above because of overgrowing spam sites or fake audience SMS Verification has become one of the most important verification tool for identifying true audience which provides an additional layer of security.
No one can ensure you that whether it is safe to Provide your mobile phone number to websites or not but You can get assurity that your mobile phone number will not be used for spam messaging or Promotional messages if you provide your phone number on Top Quality and Trusted websites like Google,Yahoo,Facebook or Twitter etc.Learn How to Bypass SMS Verification Online from below.
What if I don’t want to provide mobile phone number and still want to bypass the SMS Verification ?

Now you will find the SMS Verification code in Received messages by clicking on the Number you have selected as shown below. Moreover, it incorporates SMS collection based on various events and topic and be able to send the message to anybody in India.
Currently, several departments such as education institutes and financial institution among others utilize it. The reply is yes especially with increased number of youth taking pleasure in conversing with buddies daily. You are able to send SMS with a maximum limit of 300 characters; as well, SlideSMS allows you send image SMS for free. Apart from this, you are able to have free email alerts into your mobile inbox; as well, you can chat with Yahoo and Gtalk friends through Way2SMS simultaneously. The cool part of this site is that it incorporates online list containing the latest music that you may stream live as you send messages.

You are able to send unrestricted SMS at no cost; moreover, there are no adverts in the SMS and there is no limit to the characters. The site offers a limit of 160 characters to normal SMS as well as 140 characters in personal SMS. As well, you may send SMS through MSN messenger in addition, delivery of SimCity is reliable. Therefore, today we present top 10 sites for sending free messages online in India as well as other regions on earth. I’ve compiled a list of free SMS services via internet, the following services allows you to send sms messages from your computer to most countries such as India, Australia, China, Taiwan, UK and more.

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