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The new channel 4 TV programe can now be played online for real cash with an online jackpot of up to ?100,000. The Money Drop is a tense game in which you are given your total prize money at the very start. Bet365 Bingo used to be famous for its green hues but there’s been a bit of a revamp and it now looks all glitzy and glam! Online slots, after bingo of course, are one of the most entertaining games to play at Mecca Bingo.
This popular online bingo site has handed out another life changing amount of cash to 1 lucky winner. Win up to ?26,000 Playing The Million Pound Drop slot machien game at Jackpotjoy and enjoy an extra ?10 free using our promotional code. Inspired on the BAFTA-winning game show, The Million Pound Drop Slot gives is full of excitement and wins.
The Million Pound Drop is a five-reeled multiline slot, which means that you can bet on more than one win line. In this case, the number of pay lines is fixed to 25 at all times, being this amount the maximum and minimum to be chosen. This number will be multiplied by the amount you choose to wager per pay line, which corresponds to the coin size and could go from 1p to ?1, being 25p the smallest amount to wager, ?25 the biggest one. Standard coin size is 2p, but you can change it by clicking the + and – buttons beside the coin size display. Pay outs are multiples of your coin size, so as this number increases, so does your potential win. This slot has a top line pay out of ?2,000, and you could win up to ?26,000 with a single spin! The Million Pound Drop is a single-payout slot, unlike progressive jackpot ones, jackpot is not increased with each game.
When the Bonus Symbol appears, it will add a bundle of cash underneath that reel unlocking the Bonus Game and the Free Spins. But you haven?t won the money yet, you?ll have your chance of keeping it at the end of the Bonus Game! You can divide the money as you r gut tells you across the trapdoors using the up and down sliders.

Subscribe to our bonus list and get free no deposit bonuses and promo codes in your email inbox. This is a new 5 reel video slot game produced in association with Endemol and released at Playtech online casinos. The game offers bundles of cash, great GOLDEN WILDS, the usual J, Q, K and A cards and 2 different bonus symbols that will unleash the big cash winnings. The Golden WILDs on reel 3 will expand across the entire reel to allow for even bigger payouts. To start playing you need to decide on 3 things: the number of trapdoors, the number of rounds and the stake you wish to put on. Stake: Choose the amount that you wish to bet by clicking on the left and right arrows above the 'choose stake' section. If you progress through to the last round, you will have just 2 traps to put your money on.
There are 8 rounds in total, 4 rounds with 4 traps, 3 round with 3 traps and the final round which has just 2 traps. The game is exclusive to Bet365 and just like the TV show will be on the edge of your seat and if your lucky you might also be jumping with joy. That means you do not need to be a genius but you must be able to hold your nerve under pressure.
You are then presented with a number of trapdoors – it’s up to you to decide which ones you will place your prize money on. Do you place all of your money on one trapdoor, or hedge your bets and divide the money across multiple doors?
They have actually broken records with this prize amount making Gill from Nottingham the world’s biggest bingo winner ever!
With UK Online Slots games of all types, including Free Slots With Nudges, you are sure to have a great time! Money won remains on the trapdoors until you get into a bonus round even if you start a new session. Most valuable symbols in order are: the Wild card, the logo of the program, a winner, two contestants, and a double and triple bar. The game follows the outline of the popular TV show and has the potential for a big payout.

The graphics are sharp, if not that adventurous, and there are several bonus features that can be activated following successful spins. The online slot game also has two great bonus games which can be activated at any time by spinning 3 or more of either THE MONEY DROP BONUS or SECURITY PASS BONUS scatter symbols. Bundles of cash will drip from the top of the tube and you need to move around and collect as many as possible to win free spins and free spin multipliers.
You can select how many trap doors you want by clicking on the left and right arrows above the 'trapdoors' section.
If you lose your golden cash at any point, the game will end and return to the normal game. However the rest of this game is just like the programe, simply choose where to place your cash and hope that you do not see your money drop.
When you collect 5 golden tickets you will be invited to play a mini-game with a jackpot of a massive ?100,000. At the end of each round trapdoors will slide open – you get to keep whatever is placed on the trapdoor that remains closed. It does not mean that it’s all gone, it just goes away and creates a stacked Wild on that reel for that spin. You have 10 rounds to play and each round the amount of cash on offer increases until you select incorrectly and all money is dropped. The more rounds you play, the more likely you are to lose all your money, however the more rounds you play the more the prize fund increases. You can split the cash in 2, 3, 4 or 10 different piles or put the whole amount on one trap.
The only time you will be unable to split on the last round is if you don't have enough 'current prize' to split. A good strategy is to start the game by evenly spreading your cash out between each of the drop zones. The final round has just 2 trap doors, but unlike the TV show you'll have a choice on whether to split your remaining cash between the two trap doors or put it all on one.

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