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Last year we saw lots of young Pakistani bloggers join blogosphere and now a healthy competition is going on between them. Don’t worry Saad some months ago all these bloggers were at your place but now they prove themselves. I know that people will ask me this question that’s why i ask Ahmed about his real age and he send me the scan copy of his Nadra ID card and according to that card his age is 20 years. Ahmad but how can i use blog page as main page because my main page is just a simple HTML page.
Just include the header and footer in a new page template call it Home template , and paste the HTML inside the header and footer calls.You are ready to go. Faizan Habib its clearly written in the ranking criteria that you should have a top level domain. Khabza nice to see you on my blog and it will be a great idea to create top 10 young South African bloggers list.
I was toooo happy to see myself in the list because i always feel guilty that may be i will not get attention in Pakistani Blogosphere because my Content is Indian but my Traffic mostly comes from Pak. Its really nice to see so many young Pakistani Bloggers doing such a great job hope they can get more better and compete with the top blogs online these days.. Raheel some of them are already competing with top bloggers so its a good healthy sign for us. I disagree with you Mohsin, You have shared only those Bloggers in this list which you know personally.
Ehsan i also know Mohammad Mostafa Ahmadzai he is the pro blogger of Pakistan but his age is more than 20 years that’s why he is not in this list. Also i try my best to find bloggers and yes i admire that there are still many other who are not in this list but its impossible for me to find each and every blogger because some bloggers hide their identity so its very difficult for me to find them.
WSalam Anas, i am very happy that you carry on your blogging career because many people leave this field due to very low income up front.
Shahmeer better to start your own blog like so many youngsters are doing right now in Pakistan.
Yes its amazing how these young guys manage their studies with blogging because blogging is not a piece of cake.

Few months back i posted an article on Top 10 Earning Blogs and Bloggers in Pakistan which got huge attention and popularity so its time to move on and make some new interesting list based on young talent of Pakistan.
I am glad that you are back in blogosphere and one day we will see the same popular blog of you that was some years ago. The thing is that when ever you create unique content and idea than people will surly like it. There are a lot of great Bloggers from Pakistan earning more than $500 a month from Blogging which I know.
Abdulsalam Khan seems like the youngest blogger I have ever seen and he is one of the top ten. Previous list was totally based on Alexa ranking but after a lots of recent complaints about Alexa results i decided to add few other measures to rank Pakistani bloggers so that the deserving one should be at the top. I have subscribed to many of the blogs here, as well as yours and will be checking up regularly now.
I have compiled a list of top online jobs from the easiest to the challenging ones, from the low paying to the top ones that pay from a few cents to upto $15 per hour and more. By working at online jobs, you will not have a boss, you can set your own time frame and your earning is not limited. Here the barrier for entry is low meaning that anyone with any kind of skill can join and work online. What makes clixsense so good is that it is around the internet for more than 8 years and still paying their members. Jobs are not just technical, they can be anything from singing, voice overs, pranks, videos and even virtual assistant service. When you join fiverr as a provider you have to think about a service you can provide to fiverr. Before you get started with this job site, you have to complete your profile and also pass some of their tests. Here you can sign up for free and get started with online earning by completing simple tasks for money. Tasks include signing up for an account in a website, posting a comment on a forum, liking a page or following a twitter account.

Tasks are easy to complete and you can earn anywhere around $0.10 (10 cents) to up to few dollars per task. People also provide small gigs like a one time task you can do in your local area and make money. As this site is designed for the technical minded person, tasks are evaluating website, coming up a solution to a problem, creating an algorithm etc.
This site is open to everyone in the world but it will only pay in cash to its users living in the United States and also to its Indian users. The best part is you can be anywhere in this world, you can teach any language to anyone who is interested. Big brands such as apple, google, facebook, ebay like to get user feedback before they launch their new product. In this job site you will get paid around $10 for every 20 minutes you spend beta testing products. You will need a good computer, microphone, iphone & android phones for you to test the product and speak your feedback loud and clear.
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