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Following the Office for iPad announcement, Tim Cook CEO welcomed the productivity suite in the App Store in an unexpected tweet. One of the good things about playing Make It Rain is that it is a very simple and easy to play game. As soon as you’ve amassed some money, you can choose to invest in either venture capital, offshore drilling, or loan sharking. Youtube Creator and Udemy instructor of courses relating to Youtube, Facebook, and Blogging. Build A Site That Earns $4K Monthly!!!!Sign up today and get Free course plus all our lowest prices before others in your inbox. In case you felt like you weren’t spending enough money on Apple products as it is, London-based GOLD & Co.
That “worry-free durability” is a nice feature given the iPhone 5’s scratching issue, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that there are a few cheaper methods than this to protect your new device. Livescore for Allsvenskan (Premium) - Swedish football league - Football results and live standings. Livescore for Kazakhstan Premier League - ?аза?стан Премьер Лигасы - Football results and live standings. Livescore for Primera B (Premium) - Colombia Football League - Football results and live standings. Designed by 57Digital, the same team behind 2011′s Minecraft Explorer, Minecraft Papercraft Studio is the key to rendering Minecraft digital avatars in the third dimension, via paper. Minecraft Papercraft Studio is an exciting new iOS application that can be used to produce “real world” 3D Minecraft models using a few basic materials (paper + glue). When designing Android apps or drawing graphics for mobile apps, it is essential to conform to srict guidelines. When developing mobile apps or drawing graphics for mobile apps, one must conform to srict guidelines.
Android OS and Android apps can run on a variety of different platforms employing a wide range of hardware. Menu icons are used in the "options" menu, and are shown to users when they press the Menu button. Screen resolutions for menu icons are defined in a slightly more complex way compared to tab icons.
The outer dimensions for ldpi, mdpi and hdpi icons are described as 36x36, 48x48, and 72x72 pixels respectively. Instead of drawing your own icons matching these guidelines, Android developers have an option of ordering ready-made graphics from professional designers.
Large Weather Icons depict a number of weather conditions typical in software, weather Web sites, and mobile gadgets.

Yellow Web Buttons offer a set of navigation images for social networks and custom web products.
Database Icon Set brings you a variety of bright and colorful icons for database application development.
Free Business Desktop Icons is a pack of 10 ready icons to be used in commercial and personal products, including software, websites, blogs, and desktops. Navigation Toolbar Icons - a comprehensive set of handcrafted navigational icons coming in a variety of color depths, resolutions and formats!
Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPad are all available as free downloads from the App Store, but they’ll only allow users to view documents.
Apple usually takes 30% off all app purchases, and the same thing goes for Office 365 subscriptions bought through any of the new Office apps.
Currently landing on the number one free spot on the App Store, the game has amassed a huge success in just a short span of time. Another option is to buy a bucket so you can have a place to store your money in while you’re away from your device. Using this new app, you can print out diagrams to bring the characters to life with only a pair of scissors and some glue. Re-using graphics made for other systems, especially desktop-based, is generally not a good idea.
In connection to icon graphics, those platforms can have different screen sizes, display resolutions, pixel density and dimensions.
Instead of just two sizes defined for tab graphics (inner shape and boundary box), the inner shape of menu icons can be smaller or bigger depending on their shape.
Inner shapes for square, low-definition icons is 22x22 pixels, while non-square icons should fit into a boundary box sized 24x24 pixels. For example, Android Tab Icons by Aha-Soft include 112 unique tab images in selected and unselected states and all three standard resolutions.
The images are provided in all the typical icon sizes and file formats include ICO, BMP, PNG and GIF.
Having been already downloaded 1.6 million times, the app has been able to bring in $50,000 daily through its ads and in-game purchases. As of this writing, the game needs to be tweaked a little as there are some instances wherein swiping upwards do not register the cash.
And just like in the real world, when the government agencies try to take your money, you can actually buy off these judges and bribe FBI agents. Do you want to bet against your friends and show them who's the best when it comes to predicting game scores?
Foreign images will look weird at best, or will render your Android apps hardly recognizable at worst.

Foreign graphics will look out of place at best, or will render your Android apps appear hardly recognizable at worst. It is required that tab icons are drawn as simple, flat shapes as opposed to icons shown in 3D or isometric projection. To accommodate the variety of displays, Android developers must supply all tab icons used in their apps in at least three resolutions to be displayed on low, medium, and high density displays. If a menu icon is square-shaped, its resolution should be smaller than for icons with different shapes.
Similarly, mdpi icons should fit 30x30 and 32x32 pixel boxes, while high-definition images should fit into 44x44 and 48x48 pixel boxes respectively. If an additional size is needed, developers can render icons at any size by opening scalable vector sources. The biggest versions are huge 512x512 pixel images with vector sources in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) format easily affordable and ready to be printed or used in presentations in highest quality. Excel and PowerPoint are on 17 and 50 in the same chart, as it can be seen in the following images.
As soon as you have collected enough, you can use the money to purchase character upgrades so you can get even more money.
So instead, it leaves you frustrated that you are unable to earn as much money as you would originally have. Well then, join the Bet With Friends community, invite all your betting buddies and start the competition.For each correct or close enough score you get points.
Resolution-wise, the outer boundaries for the three resolutions are defined as 24x24, 32x32, and 48x48 pixels. The reason for having two different sizes is to establish a consistent visual size across the two icon types.
The size of the shape itself should not exceed 22x22, 28x28, and 42x42 pixels respectively.
Take the risk and bet the Joker for extra points!Enjoy your betting and may the scores be with you!
By providing all three standard sizes, designers can ensure that their apps will be shown properly on a wide range of devices running the Android OS.

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