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An increased proportion of businesses (both large and small), Government departments, and Public figures just to name a few, have adapted this digital platform or channel as a medium for  appealing, advertising and engaging targeted audience or followers.
Although Social Media platforms can be very effective, businesses have to play the right cards for their investment to pay off.
Targeting and maintaining audience and followers is hard work and a daunting task because it is difficult to know exactly what is running through your targets mind. Using Social Media platform as a tool for reaching out to your targeted audience and followers can be time-consuming, but it is a necessary approach and an important reality for any venture. Social Media has not only become a great marketing tool, but also, an effective  customer service and support tool which presents both significant challenges and opportunities for businesses and establishments striving to succeed in this modern era.
Using videos on Social Media platforms is a great way of communicating your uniqueness and sharing your contents while telling a story. It might be fair to say most people do not look forward to negative comments or feedbacks, whether in person or in writing.
Your target audience or followers have no reason to hold back their feelings or thoughts, and no matter the negative comment or post might be, there might be an iota truth in it and it’s important to consider them as constructive criticism. How to defend yourself against the 'GameOver Zeus and Cryptolocker' attack. (3)Are YOU under threat from a Superfish attack? However, these days Social media has become a powerful and incredible tool in the modern business environment. The Ice Bucket Challenge was a viral craze which began in America in the summer of 2014 and aimed to raise money for the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association.

The users of the platform including businesses have a general idea on how social media works. However, these are few mistakes to be avoided at all cost, if you want your Social Media efforts to be successful or to enhance your success rate. Deciding not to engage your audience on at least four times on a weekly base can be costly.
It is relatively cheap and effective customer service medium when used well, but not responding to audience questions or relevant comments on the platform is a big mistake. Images are one of the few weapons to use if you are to break through the cluster of social media. Video marketing and campaigns are big players in the modern business revolution, and can only get better with the increasingly popularity of the likes of YouTube and other video sharing platforms. However on social media platforms, things can get out of hand, this is because of its freedom of speech status and the ability to post or comment anonymously. Having a content strategy and goal as well as understanding what you do on social media is one thing, but keeping track of everything else such as insights are equally important.
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It has literally turned into a central hub of information for both personal and professional use. It involved a person having a bucket of iced water poured over their head and then nominating someone else to follow suit.

However, just few have an in-depth understanding of the type of mistakes that can create a pit hole for businesses.
They are incredible tool to use to say a lot, quickly and easily in a way your audience or followers can relate to. Every click, like, new followers, article read and so on should be tracked for your own benefit. Remember you are on social media platform to share your voice and to attract as many genuine audience or followers as possible. Regular  engagement also helps increase your search rakings on major search engines(Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc). Get things wrong and customers have more ways than ever to tell everyone they know about it, including several thousands of people they have never met. It is a great way to increase your brands credibility and for retention and satisfying the curiosity of your target audience. Research the best ways to track and use this data including which strategies work to your advantage to stay competitive. The nominee can either accept and donate money to the ALS Association or refuse and donate a larger sum of money to the Association.

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