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This app uses the same codebase as my other event support apps that have been published to marketplace. According to them, this research can lead to unique new ways of communication with patients in coma.
Analyzing activity of a brain of participants of experiment, the team of scientists with mind reading computer could read their answers to a number of questions precisely.

According to Loreena Nakl’s leading scientific this research, interpretation of human thought from brain activity, regardless of speech or action, is one of the most provocative aspects of modern neuroscience.
In particular, patients who fully realize and are awake, but, in connection with injury of the brain, not able to show any behavioral sensitivity, have need of alternative forms of communications. Download games, social apps and tools for your HD7, Mozart, Trophy, Omnia 7, Focus, Quantum, Optimus, Nokia Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 windows 7 phones.

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