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Downloading 88sms and Getting Started88sms, the ported text messaging app from developer bengtan, is a slight variation of the current stock text messaging app currently running on the Galaxy S4. After downloading and installing the app, you'll see that the New Message icon is now at the bottom left, with the top of the app now featuring a Search messaging field, for easy text message finding.
Gesture SMS TemplatesWhen you're sending a message, you can use drawn gestures in the place of a template. Receiving Text Messages & NotificationsWhen you receive text messages, you'll get a dark direct reply pop-up, as well as a notification in the pull-down Notification tray.

SettingsIf you want to tinker with the features of 88sms, head over to the in-app settings. I have a samsung galaxy ring and i want to make it like the SG4 until i actually can get one. Hot Romance MessagesWanna send hot and romance messages to your loved ones!Not able to find the right words to express your emotions.Androidinapp brings you one more application with enhanced UI and a lot more content.
Just download the app and start sending messages as this app is completly free of cost- Upcoming whatsapp and facebook status message!

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