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Australia’s settlement and lifestyle have been influenced by its diverse physical environment.
Some symbols of Australia are: The Flags, the Coat of Arms, the floral emblems and the coins. Australia has many unique birds, animals (mammals, marsupials, reptiles) and aquatic creatures. Australia’s Indigenous People came here more than 40,000 years before European settlement. Australians work in many different industries such as agriculture, horticulture, fisheries, forestry and minerals. Many people from all over the world love to visit or immigrate to this Great Southern Land of Australia. Many Australians who have immigrated here from around the world have worked hard to enhance our lives and have fought to protect this Great Southern Land.

It was on 1 November 1914 that the first convoy of Australian and New Zealand ships left Albany in Western Australia to transport the ANZACs to the battlefields of World War I. When most people think of the ANZACs, they think about the infamous landing at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915.
Of all the events in Australia’s history, the battle at Gallipoli in World War I stands out as having defined the spirit of our nation. The story of the ANZACs who fought at Gallipoli is one of perseverance and courage in the face of failure and despair.
Instead, the ANZACs and the Turkish troops reached a deadlock, with neither able to take any new ground for months. The routes mark the voyages of ships from Portsmouth, England to Melbourne, Australia in 1803.
The Western Australian Government has a Resource Centre, acknowledged by the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, where you can research the history and life today of Australia’s first people.

The 100th anniversary of this moment will be commemorated on  ANZAC Day, 2015 in Australia and in some other countries around the world.
What about Man Made ones?  Explore this link to enjoy many wonderful landmarks around our Great Southern Land. Visit our Australian Tourism Website to explore holiday destinations of our Great Southern Land.
The Australians had spent only eight months in Gallipoli, but in this short time had suffered 25,000 casualties, including 8700 deaths.
They had meant to land on a flat beach where they would have had a better chance of reaching the shore to attack enemy troops.

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