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This small software would help you to create Beyluxe Emoticons such as Pirate, read book, listening music icons, smoke with pipe, man with bat, cooking, and many more. Anti Boot Protection on Yahoo Messenger Part IThis is  kind of simple way how to protect us from being booting by somebody else, or we just can call it as How to make Anti Boot on Yahoo Messenger aka. Something Wrong with Yahoo Messenger Chat Room ListOn December 11th 2010, we noticed that something got wrong with Yahoo Messenger Chat Room List: one or more Chat Room has disappeared from the List!!
Yahoo Boot DarkYahoo Vengeance Free DownloadYou may already heard what is Yahoo Boot, so, we will not explain about what is Yahoo Boot and how to use it again.
Chintan Patel on Google Talk Auto Reply Message GTalk Answering Machineblendrit krasniqi on How to Change Your FaceBook Password?Keke on Google+ Plus Chat Hidden Emoticons (GPlus Emote) Shortcut Key Codeben on Line Message Error: The max limit of searches has been exceeded.

Make Offline to someone and Make Online to others in Facebook Chat by using FB Chat Invisible Status Tricks. Read moreYou can send ASCII Art (animal picture, flowers, greeting, person, and much more) through Instant Message to your IM's friend of Yahoo Messenger or MySpace IM by using Art Sender. The most lightweight of them are Studio-Scrap (sized at 346,402) and Pixillion Image Converter (sized at 473,970), while the largest one is jalada Collage with 462,774,594 bytes. While Chatting, click on any of these icons and the corresponding code will get pasted in your last open YM window (any text window would do.) Later versions will have support for many more messengers and also for custom "frequently" used Texts. The classic fast-paced, simple and addictive game play mechanics of the first game are reinforced with more abilities to satisfy hungry customers.

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