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India-based telecoms company Bharti Airtel has announced that it has entered into a strategic co-operation agreement with leading South African financial services group, Sanlam, for the distribution of insurance and health funding products.
Bharti Airtel has operations in 17 countries across Africa, but the deal will cover seven African countries, on a non- exclusive basis, in which both companies have a presence, namely Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Malawi and Nigeria. The agreement is aimed at increasing access to insurance which will enable Sanlam to market and sell its Life, General and Health insurance products through Airtel’s telecommunications networks.
Sanlam’s financial solutions include individual, group and short-term (general) insurance, personal financial services such as estate planning, trusts, wills, personal loans, health management, savings and linked products, business fitness assessment, asset management, stock broking, employee benefits, risk management and capital market activities. The Sanlam Emerging Markets (SEM) cluster is responsible for Sanlam’s financial business services (life assurance, general insurance and asset management) in emerging markets outside South Africa with the aim of ensuring sustainable delivery and growth across the various businesses that make up this cluster.
Staff WriterBusinessTech's Staff Writer is directly plugged into the South African Internet backbone, and spits out press releases and other news as they receive it.
A doctor in the UK has advocated reducing the working week to four days to help reduce stress, and cut unemployment. The UK Guardian reported that Professor John Ashton, president of the Faculty of Public Health (FPH), said that a four-day week could help ease mental issues related to overwork or lack of work, and physical health issues including high blood pressure. Ashton highlighted a disparity between people working too many hours during a week, and those people who do not work at all. According to South Africa law, workers may not work more than an average of 45 hours a week, and accrue an average of 5 hours’ overtime a week. Generally these moves were associated with periods of wide-spread economic down-turn and mass unemployment. Problem is that what you could not get done in 5 days you now have to do in 4 which means more stress…. The downside of course is you have to be prepared to take a 20% cut in regular income, but for some people just not having to commute one day a week would help to cover that drop.
I’ve always hated that retail (and car dealerships etc) close on Sundays… When else do working class people have the time to do that stuff!!?
Yes, the people who work in retails etc need a break too, but honestly, if you work in retail you know your role and you must suck it up. The retailers are chasing money which is actually a false positive, because there won’t be less spent because we can not shop on a Sunday.

Debit cards in the Philippines are becoming popular today, and some reasons for that are the convenience it gives to Filipinos when they pay for their purchases and the security it gives to the card holders. Debit cards may be use to purchase items or services offline and online, you may also use it nationwide, and for Visa and MasterCard debit cards you can use it worldwide. Those are my list of debit cards in the Philippines, if you got any bank or debit card to add. You’re right giani, using east west visa debit card is a good option when trying to verify paypal acct. Hi John, Land Bank’s ATM card doesn’t have any logo on it that shows MasterCard or Visa, right?
If you are looking for debit card to use online or to link to your Paypal account, you can use RCBC Visa debit card. Comment Policy:Your comments are going to be reviewed, so make sure to only use your real name and limit the links that you're going to submit. Subscribe to our email newsletter today to receive updates whenever a new article is posted!! If you require any sample templates or further business documents, check out our Business Documents store section. Rather than treat the 5th day as an extra day in the weekend though, I use it for working on developing new skills, working on personal projects or other short term paid contracts. Now that online shopping is becoming a trend, having a debit card will give you an easier method to pay for your online purchases. I advice you to create an account in PayPal and enroll your card there, it provides more security and convenience when you shop online.
Originally I am a Filipino and just currently working here in Thailand my biggest problem was I have to spend lot of money in sending money to Philippines using western union.
You can just contact the bank you have your account with, they are the ones that could give the answer you’re looking for. If you really want to use PayPal, then you should get a debit card that has a Visa or MasterCard logo on it. I receive compensations on advertisements that appear on this site but you are not obligated to click on any link or buy any products that are advertised.

It is the fact that we form close partnerships with our clients to help guide them on the best business solutions to suit their needs.
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Gilt funds invest predominantly in bonds with a sovereign guarantee and hence carry no risk of default.
Zero credit risk means that there is little chance that you may not receive your interest or the principal money in time. Because “way to the work” is NOT your private time, but time you waste because of work! For instance, in July 2013, when the central bank hiked the marginal standing facility (MSF) and bank rates by almost 200 basis points each, the yield on 10-year G-sec galloped by 100 basis points. On an average, the net asset value (NAV) of gilt funds fell by over 3 per cent between July 12 and 25, 2013.
Create your slideshowBy using the code above and embedding this image, you consent to Getty Images' Terms of Use. A fall in interest rate will lead to an increase in the price of the G-sec and thereby boost the gilt fund returns.
The returns of gilt funds which hold 10-year or 15-year G-Secs are far more volatile compared with short-term gilt funds which hold one-year or five-year paper.
When interest rates move up, the price of a G-sec slated to mature in 10 years tends to fall much sharper than the one which matures in one year. This is because as soon as market interest rates rise, investors would prefer to own the new bond rather than the older one offering lower interest rates.
Prices of longer term G-secs fall more because their investors are forced to forego higher rates for a much longer period.

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