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Humanity is finally starting to realise that we dont need to make phone calls and leave voicemails like a bunch of animals.
Out of all the ways to handle a misdirected text, politely letting the offending party know what happened is unquestionably the kindest route you can take. Some of these little text pranks can be (mostly) harmless, like my friend Katherine’s below. I just usually say "Sorry you've got the wrong number, have a nice day." and it does the job in FAR less time and effort than all that and its just as polite.
Another person I know had a phone number that was one digit different from the number of a nearby Chinese restaurant, so he'd get the occasional person calling in to make an order. From what I could gather from the random's txting me, a flirty lady was handing out my number at Sydney nightclubs when suitors asked her. That Kyra one seemed to be going in a bad direction when he asked what school the 13yr old goes to. I kept getting calls and texts from the same number, always different people after a Michael, even after the "wrong number" responses I still got them.
I did have one that was along the lines of a meeting had been rescheduled to an earlier time. When I got a new number 4 years ago I kept getting calls and texts for some guy who was not me. Ages ago I got a mis-dial, it was some 16YO girl trying to ring her other similar aged friend. I think we all know that the crap the crews of Federation starships go through would provoke some pretty hardcore cursing from even the most stoic of people. Top 10 Male Armor Seen In MMOsThis Top 10 list will show you some of the greatest looks out there in terms of MMO armor sets. Top 10 Weapons Seen in MMORPGsThis Top 10 list will present some of the best looking weapons in MMOs.
The ease of screen capture on the current crop of smartphones has led to a major online trend of posting images of text messages.
Like Victor Kiriakis, I’ve returned to wreak havoc on your love lives like no one else can.  I’m here to explain to you the nuances of dating that you can’t put into words. More importantly, I’m here to explain to you the difference between girl-cheating, guy-cheating and just plain cheating-cheating! Let’s assume you are in a totally normal, fully functional, serious relationship with someone you love. Now listen, I know that’s a stretch because, in all actuality, you are probably an egocentric, short attention span, mess of a person who is incapable of loving anyone else but yourself. Now, I know all you ladies are sitting back giving me the stink-eye because YOU think those rules are beyond ridiculous.  You figure there can be SO much more done that would constitute cheating that wasn’t covered.
How many times have I been yelled at by a girlfriend because she thought I was “emotionally” cheating?

I’m not saying that girls are possessive or irrational (well, at least not for this reason). I think a girl will be more likely to take you back if it was strictly physical (or guy-cheating). I would definitely agree that it’s worse to find out your significant other is having a full fledged affair than a one night stand, so emotional cheating makes physical cheating way, way, worse when you combine the two. Instead, we’ve moved on to the more refined, less-social-anxiety-inducing text message. They’ll either apologise and immediately cut ties (boooooring), or open up a gyre of uncertainty and insecurities (fun!). It’s more likely that your mysterious texter will find him or herself mortified and either send a brief apology or stop responding altogether. Whether your new friend finds out their mistake on their own or hears it straight from you, it will always feel nice to know that someone out there is rooting for you, Be it regarding a new pregnancy or how one gets there in the first place. But by using context clues, gauging the temperament of the messenger, and looking inwardly to discover how much of an arsehole you really are, there are ways to minimize your losses — and more importantly, theirs. After getting sick of telling people they had the wrong number, he ended up just taking their orders. For the first 6+ months it was "Nope, wrong number" and I'd hang up, but with 5+ calls a week I ended up saying "Oh did you not hear, he was killed while hot air ballooning. It's obvious to anyone with eyeballs that there ain't no damn stars in the city, while there are about a gazillion and one out in the countryside.
Who isn't going to let out a giant F-bomb when their best friend is eaten by a salt vampire?
Comment Image: Right-click the above code box and select "Copy" from the dropdown menu, then paste it where you want it to appear. There are thousands of well-designed weapons out there, I attempted to pick some of the best ones.
I’m also here to sit you down and delicately tell you why you (and everyone else in your terrible generation) can’t keep a steady, long, fulfilling relationship.
You think I’m an arrogant windbag, who has no clue about relationships.  While you might be right about the first part, you are dead wrong about the second part. What I’m saying is that girls understand a complex issue that guys do not: emotional cheating is just as bad at physical cheating. You may see him hanging out with his co-worker from the office, or still spending time with his female childhood friend, or even flirting with the checkout girl at Stop & Shop…to him, as long as there is no touching, he can’t understand why this would upset you.
Well, except that one time in Friends when Ross and Rachel were on a break and he had that one night stand with the masseuse. You can flirt with the guy at the coffee shop, have a little gChat session that to some could seem inappropriate or go our to dinner with someone of the opposite sex who is looking for something more.
But with the rise of SMS comes a relatively new phenomenon: The misdirected text from a wrong number.

The point is, this person may or may not be someone you want to maintain ties with, so handle with care. But if things start really getting out of hand, you can call your service provider and have that particular number blocked, usually free of charge. I would reply saying that they should probably get to a doctor as I had developed painful blisters all over my lips. And she wouldn't believe me no matter what I said to her as she could hear a female voice in the background, and could swear that was Tammy (or whatever the name was, I forgot), and I was Tammy's BF being annoying.
But one thing we can all agree on is that a guy’s definition of cheating is usually different than a girl’s definition.
As long as we don’t violate any of those rules, we just can’t comprehend why our girlfriends get mad at us when we talk to girls…?!? Talking, hanging out with, going out to eat with, taking Sears portraits with – they all fall under the cheating category for most women. If you have to emotionally cheat – you may need to re-access your current relationship. He might have survived the fall except he landed on a train line and was crushed to death by the 8:15am out of Gosford". After 4 minutes of trying to convince her that she had the wrong number, I decided to say, "ok, fine, here's Tammy" and handed the phone over to my female friend, who then tee'd up a time to meet her after work the next day. Sriram Murali pointed his camera to the night sky to show you the progression of light pollution and when it starts screwing us from seeing stars.
Humorous text-fails have become popular enough that there are many websites dedicated to publishing them. All along NEVER calling you “crazy,” because we all know the biggest mistake you can make is to call a female “crazy.” ESPECIALLY if she IS crazy. Handling the misdirected text is a delicate art that, depending on your decision, can go in two very different directions — the not being an arsehole way and the fun way.
While the notorious text usually are due to autocorrect fails (that we have written an article about), these are just fails. The texts are usually funny because of wrong-number misunderstandings, although a few autocorrect fails have slipped in of course.
To be curious, or occasionally pine over exes, or have a best friend of your preferred gender that you love spending time with.
While many screenshots are pretty lame and others have clearly been faked, some are worth a few chuckles. But if you never actually become physically involved with them, you’re choosing to be faithful, because you value your relationship over any others.

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