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We do this by having our kids charge their devices in a common area of the house every night.
These apps ask you to verify that you’re 13 or 18 or whatever-teen before they let you in.
I am trying to pull together as many apps as I can for you, and then send you to the responsible sites that have written about them for more information.
The WeChat text messaging app is huge in Asia right now, where they even have soda machines that interact with it. On pinterest I happened to look at one of my followers profiles and found down right raunchy photos of her and her pins were just as bad. One thing about the Tumblr app and Tumblr in general, if you see that your teen is using it you should have a discussion about copyright laws. Last I checked cars, electronics, and tech gadgets weren’t crappy products, so let’s just agree to disagree, ok?
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These apps can be harmless–if your child sticks to friending their real-life friends and keeping their profiles private. The concept is pretty simple: you take a photo and send it to a friend, and they can view the image for up to 10 seconds before it deletes itself. Well, now teens are heading back to this network, but it’s a little more dangerous now that all of their parents are gone. Though it’s usually a place where kids can chat with friends, there are some teens who try to gain as many followers as possible. It’s a place overrun with bullies and and the app has been linked to suicides overseas.

I have updated the post to reflect your comment, and SO appreciate you leaving your thoughts. I don’t have any teenagers but I have friends that do and I’m going to tell them to check this out! I really like how to actually details each app in this post- super helpful and smart- Thank You! Any apps my son downloads automatically show up on my iPhone and then I can decide to permit or disallow that app.
When using it safely, Tumblr is actually a very sophisticated, safe place for anyone to hang out. You can use our Valentines Day Wishes to wish your friends or love on this "Happy Valentines Day 2016".
A bonus to this is that even though they know we check their devices, it’s a little less intrusive than asking your child to hand it over to you. It’s up to you to educate yourself by using the apps yourself or learning to monitor them. Facebook used to be a great place for kids to find cool memes, but with apps like 9GAG and iFunny (see more on them below), they don’t need to hang out on Facebook anymore. Shannan from Tween Us wrote about parental concerns with Snapchat and how Snapchat images aren’t really deleted forever, like Snapchat claims they are.
There is still little to know about what teens are doing on MySpace, but it’s definitely an app you should open and check. Though it’s not one of the most dangerous, it is still an app that you should monitor.
It is very easy to group text in the messenger app, though, so I think that’s why this one is sticking around.
Normally, this app isn’t too much of a concern depending on who your teen is friends with. As with any app, it depends on who you follow, but I think that Pinterest is pretty safe for tweens and teens alike.

It is a photo sharing app that most of my kids friends use, and I recently learned (and confirmed myself) that there is lots of graphic porn on the site.
Each child and family is different and for you to tell people that apps are bad is awfully presumptuous of you. And the fact that you made the time to leave such a lengthy and hate-filled comment baffles me. Simply use a browser extension to prevent any sensitive tags from appearing onto your dash board. Tween Us has a great post about Yik Yak, and there have been several other news articles written within the past week, as well. There are stories about adults trying to meet teens locally and lure them to different (more private) chat apps.
They can find fashion ideas, the latest Rainbow Loom tutorials, and fun science experiments and crafts here.
I reported many images to instagram the other day, and was happy to see that the hashtags used in relation to the porn were removed.
I accidentally clicked on something on tumblr and found extremely graphic images and animated gifs that kids should not see. Stick to your schilling of crappy products and promoting other ethically challenged mommy bloggers including yourself.
Whatever your child is using to access the internet and play games is what you’ll be using.

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