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Destiny Is A Prime Example Of Why You Never Preorder And Buy The Season Pass Without Playing The Game Beforehand. Triathlon is one of the fastest growing mainstream sports in the world and year after year there are people who are bitten by the Ironman Triathlon bug. When the Ironman first evolved in the late 1970’s the choice was not quite so difficult as there was not all that much to chose from.
If you are new to biking out on the open highway or biking in general it really makes sense to get yourself an inexpensive road bike and learn the basic bike handling skills. As a rule, your average road bike is not designed for straight ahead time trial speed, but triathlon bikes are lighter and usually configured lower to allow for better aerodynamic positioning.
The Giant in the image is a beautiful bike, but most definitely a bike for the experienced cyclist. Once you begin to feel comfortable on the bike you might want to upgrade it by putting clipless pedals and aerobars on it.
For instance, if you put aero-bars on your road bike, the seat, handle-bars, or stem might have to be adjusted to allow for riding in the aero position. You have to always keep in mind that you have to run after you ride no matter what the distance of your triathlon and the better your bike fits, the more efficient you are and the less strain you put on your body.

The reason I suggest a used road-bike is to allow yourself time to decide if you want to make a career out of triathlon or not and also to save you some money. There are many people who just want to cross the Ironman finish line any way they can just once and then call it a career.
If however you do your first Ironman on your trusty road bike and decide you love the sport it would make more sense at this point to look for a triathlon bike that fits your budget.
In the pre-race booklet they mailed out several months before the race it was suggested that in training for the upcoming Ironman you should be swimming around 7-8 miles a week, biking around 300 miles a week, and running 60 miles a week. I learned how to swim specifically for the race and had never completed the 2.4 mile distance in training.
I had never been on a road bike until I decided I wanted to become an Ironman and the furthest I biked in training was around 50 miles(once). I left much of the outcome of the race that day in the hands of the Iron Gods because I certainly lacked the proper preparation to take on what was at the time, the most challenging endurance race in the world. The main thing I had going for me was my desire to become an Ironman and to cross that finish line any way I could no matter how long it took me(it took just over 14 hours). A well-tuned and cared for road bike that is configured to fit you properly will perform just beautifully in your first(or second or third) Ironman Triathlon and the final outcome of your Ironman journey will really be decided by the size of your heart and the strength of your convictions.

TOTAL IMMERSION is offering all IronStruck visitors a 10% discount on Books, DVD's, and all other Total Immersion teaching tools. Take a few minutes and read these IronStruck testimonials from people who have used IronStruck to realize their Ironman dream and in the process, became more than they ever thought possible.
Making the right equipment choices can be confusing and one of the biggest issues is figuring out the best bike for beginner Ironman triathletes.
It would be sort of like handing a teenager the keys for a Ferrari two days after he gets his driver’s license.
Of coure there are very experienced road cyclists who decide to take on the Ironman and they can ride pretty much what they can afford. Highway and the winds up the hill to the bike turn-around in Hawi were just as brutal back then as they are today.

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