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It might as well be a fact that if you want to get ahead in the world of motorsports, you need to start young.
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And since most toddlers can't see over the wheel or reach the pedals in an actual car, karts are the most logical option. Somehow, we doubt there's ever been a better way of teaching a small child about car control.

One Autoblog staffer called it "a pediatrician's nightmare," and while it does look stable, we'd be inclined to agree.
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With four corner-mounted castors and a single electrically powered wheel below the steering column, the Crazy Cart can make any pre-schooler a drifting master. That central wheel can turn 360 degrees, which blesses the Crazy Cart with sublime agility and ease of control.

While it's expensive, it's probably a lot cheaper than dropping money on a kart, only to find out that your kid isn't all that into it.

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