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This update is the first of a series of regular monthly communications that I will send to you as we continue our path of growth and improvement in the Faster EFT community. Success places us in the spotlight, where, more often than not, judgment and criticism take place. In response, I am choosing to be proactive in my approach to promote the positive benefits of FasterEFT.
I encourage each of you to do your own research into the philosophy and safety of the Faster EFT method.
New Website – Set to Launch in 2016!  This will make it easier to turn in completed requirements to the FasterEFT Office Team.
Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct – Guides practitioners to create a proper and appropriate professional relationship with the client. Advisory Committee – Voluntary group of six (6) individuals: three (3) practitioners and three (3) external representatives set in place to address complaints with fairness, as well as facilitate new curricula. Reorganizing Curricula – Faster EFT is a very thorough modality and is now restructuring levels to create optimal practitioner proficiency and, in turn, optimal client satisfaction. Standard of Quality – All of the above is taking place because we are striving for a higher standard of quality. I want everyone to know that I am committed to the continuation and growth of FasterEFT, not only as an organization, but also as a modality to help others.
I feel extremely confident that with the new systems in place,  will expand and grow even quicker and greater than our wildest dreams could have ever imagined.
Thank you once again for your passion and persistence in helping to change peoples’ lives for the better.
My wife Kim and I are Founders of Total Integrated Therapy which is about identifying and changing our conditioned resources and responses in our unconscious mind that control our feelings, moods, and behaviors.
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I am an EFT practitioner and have been introduced to positive EFT recently, it feels awesome and has really helped to keep the lift out of possible depression thoughts at bay and helped me to move forwards and feel great on a daily and hourly basis. I experiment with a lot of different styles of EFT and today I want to share about one that I adore.
For me, it’s like taking a tonic or fertilizer, it’s a wonderful ‘pick me up’ when you need a bit of extra energy or a positive energy boost. It’s fast and simple and is a wonderful way to consciously raise your emotional energy levels. Silvia's direct style, pulling no punches in her discussion of energy work, cuts right to the heart of EFT, this book is a must for every practitioner. After an initial feeling of disappointment over the format, reminiscent of seminar training materials, I came to appreciate the book's cleverness and many ingenuous ideas, one of which is the presentation of the energy body stress chart at the beginning as a preliminary to positive EFT work. I would have liked a generally more elaborate treatment of the topics, perhaps to be displayed in a future endeavour, but as it stands, this book is a very important resource in energy work. My first forays in EFT included 2-3 books which were okay but I somehow was hankering for 'something more'. And a few months later with great excitement I ordered Positive EFT, even though I was wondering what all is left.
I have had this book for some time - I like to read through, then go back to it again and again. What is unusual is the concept of working on making positive feelings stronger instead of starting with the "problem," also creating fantastic feelings and a sense of lightness and fun just because we can. For people nervous about having therapy because they are worried about hurtful feelings rising up, the idea of working on the positive so that the tough stuff fades away gives them a gentle way into self development.
Having read Adventures in EFT as my starter book and found it very useful I bought this one to expand my knowledge. If you are wondering does this work I can only say that I first saw EFT used on my wife who has severe pain in hip and knee joints and was amazed at the difference it made, and the fact that I could do it for her after a little instruction from an experienced friend, we now find five minutes a day in the morning gives her a pain free day and the same in the evening helps her have a pain free night, it is not a cure but anything that improves the quality of life is a bonus.
To read and to think about these aspects opened doors inside, helped me to get a different point of view and a better understanding of other people. But to be honest - it makes me think about the way I love or better said how I "think about - feel - live" love.
There is a lot of work to do with POSITIVE EFT and LOVE EFT Silvia gives us something wonderful and precious to work with. What a wonderful wonderful experience that I will incorporate into my life daily from here on out. Silvia Hartmann's "Positive EFT" teaches you how to take your power back and live your life to the fullest. I strongly recommend this book as a "must read" for anyone who wants to make "their" world a better place to live in.
The NetherlandsPositive EFT - Delighted to discover the possibility (and power) of tapping for positives. Having recently completed a positive EFT workshop and read Silvia's book, I was delighted to discover the possibility (and power) of tapping for positives. Positive EFT is a simplified EFT method focussing only on energy and emotions sounds like an interesting idea. This conceptually helps in reframing painful events in a more objective light, which may lead to a quicker EFT dissolution of the energetic blocks these events have created, and consequent installation of desirable positive states.
Wonderful and helpful little tools to integrate into your daily routines and to Ensure That You are running on a fully charged battery and getting what you want Actually and deserve out of life, and not settling for less Because of stress!
We had a very good day and I found the Positive EFT very much easier to use than the classic EFT. I shall be using this new EFT method more often, and indeed I have done so already several times with great success. This latest contribution to the EFT world by Silvia Hartmann is a great and exciting step forward. Wonderfully written as always, Silvia Hartmann inspires with her creative ideas to use Positive EFT for a life without limits. Silvia Hartmann has always been able to tie in healing with emotions and throw in a little magic along the way. Have been using Positive EFT to great success with myself and clients as a Life Coach and just about to start a Stress Relief and Well-being group where Positive EFT and The Energy Body Stress Table from the book will play a large part. I refer to Silvia Hartmann's books to give me tools to help me make a difference to other people. Love Positive EFT and Silvia Hartmann's ingenious Sue Scale where we not only get to that crucial zero of impartiality, but fill the gap with what we want instead, taking it to a +10. I have had Positive EFT for some time - I like to read through, then go back to it again and again.
What is unusual is the concept of working on making positive feelings stronger instead of starting with the "problem." Also creating fantastic feelings and a sense of lightness and fun just because we can. If you want to be energised and face the every day life's challenges from your top form, then get this book.
Silva Hartmann is, without a doubt, a major talent in her field; in my view she is a genius! The pressures of the 21st century living make it nearly impossible for most of us to live a balanced and happy life; people feel tired and exhausted most days. Having been trained in "Classic" EFT it was refreshing to discover the Heart and Soul tapping sequence by Silvia Hartmann.
I am a newly qualified Energy EFT Master Practitioner and this book arrived yesterday, in time for my first public presentation of EFT and tapping in positive energy really helped me to remain calm and relaxed in front of an audience.
One or two members of the audience had previous experience of tapping on a negative, but found that tapping on a positive gave much faster results.
Although I have not yet read all the book I am excited about using Positive EFT with my clients. After attending the wonderful Positive EFT training course I couldn't wait to get back home to read the entire Positive EFT book that was included with the training. I love the simplicity of the book, the scales and charts included as well as tips, scripts and lots of wonderful extras such as Positive Holiday Energy, I have been around the world since reading the book. I have long been a proponent of EFT as it has helped me and many others I have shared it with.
As a practitioner I use EFT with individual clients and with support groups, and this is the book I recommend people get and use for themselves, when our session is over. Easy and positive reading, don't be fooled by its size, there is so much crammed in you will find something new with each reading.

Silvia Hartmann's style is very accessible and the book is well structured in a way that allows you to understand the Energy EFT concepts and the practical know-how to change your life. Either if you are new to the world of EFT, or you have some experience with EFT, this book will help you discover new insights and give you the tools to brighten up your life with more positive energy.
Silvia has an amazing ability to move the boundaries of what seems possible with EFT but at the same time making it so obvious that you think "why didn't I think of that". I purchased Positive EFT to use with my clients, AS I DO BELIEVE we as a energy beings :) need to be energised after trauma or upset. I'm a EFT Practitioner and I have been incorporating Silvia's Positive EFT method into my EFT practice for a while now with such great results! I love how positive EFT can be used to inspire, to give hope, to bring up your energy levels, your feelings of joy and focus your thoughts and feelings on what you truly want to feel. Whether you are a practitioner helping others or working in self-help to enhance important areas of your life, I encourage you to purchase this book and apply the techniques regularly. As usual, Silvia Hartmann writes in a fun and easy to understand way about how to use EFT for reaching positive energy states.
I base all of my treatments on these principles now and am having amazing results for myself and others. As an experienced practitioner of EFT I amazed at the simplicity and success of these techniques . Lusana Charles, CustomerPositive EFT - This is definitely the new standard for EFT!! I was so enthralled with the amount I learnt from this book, I signed up to do Silvia Hartmann's Energy EFT Master Practitioner course. I've previously trained in TFT (Thought Field Therapy), Faster EFT and other EFT modalities, but Positive EFT is definitely the next stage in the development of energy work and, in my view, the most important. In fact, I was so enthralled with the amount I learnt from this book, I signed up to do Silvia Hartmann's Energy EFT Master Practitioner course.
I'm so impressed with this book that I've bought quite a few copies as presents for friends. Easy and positive reading, don't be fooled, there is so much crammed in you will find something new with each reading.
I have been using EFT for very many years now as taught by Gary Craig but Positive EFT is a step beyond. What a great book, as an Energist myself, I was interested in the idea of looking on the positives and tapping them in..
This is a great little book for showing us how feeling good is how it is meant to be, and how to make that happen using the amazing tool of EFT. There are over 30 years of scientific studies exploring the role of mind body techniques in helping people prepare for successful surgery. The mind-body techniques most studied include guided imagery, relaxation training, and positive outcome affirmations that are recorded and listened to before, during and after surgery. Armed with this knowledge, I recently helped a dear friend of mine prepare for shoulder replacement surgery. To prepare her, I created a list of affirmations for successful surgery and recorded them in my own voice on a CD. We are currently implementing positive changes to make FEFT better, more efficient, and more accessible to all.
FEFT is no exception to this, and as you may be aware, we have become the subject of much criticism in recent months.
It is my sincere desire that you feel safe in the knowledge that we are protecting ourselves in the proper ways. I started this business 16 years ago out of my garage and as it grew, so did my responsibilities and goals.  I have realized the importance of surrounding oneself with those individuals who have expertise in different areas in order to create the highest levels of success. We support your well-being and your ability to implement the FasterEFT method at a high quality standard that delivers powerful results for your clients.
It will be used to communicate and deliver new educational material in a simplified and user-friendly way. I developed FasterEFT out of love and compassion, with my own blood, sweat, and tears, along with determination, diligence, and perseverance. We are experts at changing our conditioning to carry, hold, manifest and produce our stress and emotions. Last year I was able to assist my daughter with this method through a gruelling life crisis.
Other books and articles all had me taking the 'issue'to a 0, with this Silvia has me taking it to the positive side of the scale. This conceptually helps in re-framing painful events in a more objective light, which may lead to a quicker EFT dissolution of the energetic blocks these events have created, and consequent installation of desirable positive states. Whether you are a practitioner like me or interested in personal development you can benefit from the uplifting messages within. It has helped me to a better understanding of EFT and I have now booked a three day course in EFT part 1 & 2. And to work with positive energy is much more fun than always complaining and always thinking who I can blame for my misery. Highly recommend this book, and look forward to reading some more material from this author. It makes such sense in that there is no need to roll around in negative discourse to bring about profound positive changes. It is the perfect way to learn to recharge your own battery and help others - children, spouses, colleagues, parents, recharge theirs.
It seems to be very effective in a very short space of time in making you feel so much more happier, lighter and positive and enabled me to relax more. I have found it very user friendly for clients, it is simple, safe, effective and only takes minutes to implement.
It's a quick and easy read, and you'll gain some additional tools to manage your own emotional state, as well as guide a client to a more elevated emotional state. I have enjoyed reading some of Silvia Hartmann's other books and this one will be no exception. I found it very useful and empowering, feeling the positive energy before I start to work as I work in a very negative environment .
It enables my clients to start using EFT within minutes of starting to read about it, and always with positive results. In her book, Positive EFT, Silvia Hartmann shows us how we can gently tap our bodies for gifts such as romance, vitality, happiness, and wealth.
It feels like you are always moving forward rather than looking back to clear past problems.
As the name promises the book is full of positive and inspiring ideas on how to feel more of this amazing energy in your life. It is simple in the premise that EFT can be a wonderful tool for creating positive emotion rather than just problem solving.
Made perfect sense to me and the book is easily understood and full of wonderful information. Once I get to the root of the issue, I can then help my clients by adding lightness in their life.
Once I get to the root of the issue, I can then help my clients by adding lightness in their life.The Positive EFT book teaches you how to empower yourself by tapping on the meridian points on your body as you say what it is that you want.
The concept is dynamic, simple and exhilarating enabling clients and practitioners alike to set themselves free, energise and realise their full potential.
With the publication of "Positive EFT", she contributes fresh and effective techniques that are not found in any other place.
Hartmann's Positive EFT method is a huge advance because it provides an easily applied process for bringing about positive energy feelings and flows not available with other EFT techniques.
Silvia Hartmann's explanation of how to do Positive EFT is easy to follow, yet she manages to impart an understanding of the various nuances that one needs to develop in order to help a client more fully. I have now had an opportunity to practice the methods and I can tell you it makes a huge difference. In addition, happy people live longer, so creating an environment of happiness, joy, love and appreciation before, during and after surgery is essential preparation in helping the patient reduce stress prior to the surgery and heal faster afterwards.
In her early 70’s, she was doing everything she could to avoid surgery, including months of physical therapy which only resulted in a slight improvement of range of motion, but resulted in increasing physical pain. The affirmations were divided into three categories: preparation for surgery, during surgery and after surgery.

Taking my cue from a recent workshop I attended on Happiness and Positive Psychology, I wrote her a letter of love and gratitude and read it aloud to her at church the Sunday prior to her surgery.
She was out of recovery and up walking, eating and using the bathroom within hours of regaining consciousness.
Why not sign up  using the form on the righthand column to have it delivered to your email address? We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right.
Base your truth on facts and personal experience, not hearsay from a blog, video, or Facebook post.
The feedback I’ve gotten from people, whether negative or positive, pushes me to become a better person and business owner.
Therefore, I now have several people who are graciously helping me restructure the business plan to allow for future growth and development. Your success is our priority, and so we have many strategies in place to help you on your FasterEFT journey. Where many other EFT practitioners suggest using tapping simply to relieve stress and distress, Dr. One of the attendees was literally pirouetting round the pool saying she had never danced like this before (she is a choreographer!!) Didn't quite catch her on camera. I love using it in my practice to end my sessions on a high and people leave afterwards with a huge grin on their faces, feeling absolutely wonderful.
Whilst I firmly believe in using traditional EFT to weed out the deep negative thoughts and patterns that limit us (and then to instill positives), sometimes we just want to feel better in the moment. Silvia has always been able to tie in healing with emotions and throw in a little magic along the way. They are always written with great humanity and compassion and are full of all the exciting possibilities of human potential. Positive EFT is an interesting, fun read that I was immediately able to practice with wonderful results. For people nervous about having therapy because they are worried about hurtful feelings rising up, the idea of working on the positive so that the tough stuff fades away gives them a gentle way in to self development. It answers all the basic questions and provides a safe and effective protocol which anyone can use. What is less simple is the way that Silvia then goes on to apply positive EFT to every area of your life in ways which seem so obvious when you are reading the book but without it so beyond the limits of my imagination and creativity.
There is so much content and areas of application that a true student of learning and growth will want to keep dipping in to.
I have been using the positive EFT since buying the book last year and it has truly been a gift. We are stuck in the negative, but what would it be like if that problem was gone, how would we feel then?
Or if you can't imagine getting to the positive, what would you need to imagine getting or feeling what you do want?
The book is well written and simple to follow and is prerequisite reading for the positive Eft Certification which I will now take ASAP I am sure this is the way forward and am excited to have a tool that will help so many. Not only does this book teach you how to 'avoid a void', it teaches you how to bring your client, or indeed yourself, into a positive way of being that you never thought possible. I have always used laughter in EFT to lighten the mood after dealing with an issue but Positive EFT helps to fill the gap created by dealing with that issue. Therefore, when facing surgery or any difficult medical procedure, it is vital to be proactive in reducing stress and increasing happiness. An MRI revealed that she shoulder socket was deteriorating – that bone was rubbing against bone and it was only going to get worse over time.
The lead-in to the affirmations was a brief Autogenic Training exercise, designed to relax the body and make her subconscious more receptive to the positive outcome affirmations.
Every member of the small congregation signed the letter, which she was instructed to give to the surgeon prior to her surgery. She was awake, alert and talking, albeit with a sore throat from the intubation, as soon as she was moved to her regular hospital room. The comments and actions against FasterEFT have been hurtful and damaging, not only to myself, but also to my colleagues and close friends. Hartmann teaches the reader how to go beyond the relieving of emotional disturbances to using EFT to re-energize oneself as well.
And my excitement was justified as Positive EFT with a few simple modifications took some stress away from EFT which I thought was inevitable.
We truly can raise our mood faster than ever before and rest assured it will continue to be effective keeping us at a much happier level. How much I like her other EFT books this book increases my energy and trust that I can reach my goals. The author, Silvia Hartmann, is an amazing "energist" who we are blessed by her willingness to share her amazing gifts.
I loved the technique so much, I became a certified practitioner through the GoE after reading it. Even more I love how positive EFT can be used to inspire, to give hope, to bring up your energy levels, your feelings of joy and focus your thoughts and feelings on what you truly want to feel.
My experience over the years has been the addition of positive choice statements speeds emotional healing and encourages clients to take more responsibility and control over their lives. Who would think that we would ever feel bereft by losing a problem in our lives, but we can do. Everyone came up to her after the service and expressed their well-wishes and offered their help. Her blood pressure, which had been elevated due to the chronic pain of the last several years, had returned to a normal range right away. Practitioners have been targeted and bullied to renounce their ties with Faster EFT and our community.
You have overwhelming proof of success, not just through your own experiences, but with others as well. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make substantial improvements in any area of life. Acting on our energy simply and efficiently, spectacular results are obtained in a very short time! It makes them feel good to start working immediately on what they want as that feels like progress.
The instructions were for her to listen to the CD several times prior to the surgery, during the surgery (if allowed by her doctors), then several times afterwards. Hartmann has effectively taken EFT to another level where life can quickly and painlessly be experienced with vibrancy and joy.
Gary Craig always taught to tap on the negative, but now we find very refreshingly that we can actually tap on positives too, like having more ENERGY! She reported to me that she hasn’t needed to take as much pain medication as was prescribed.
Now I never have to buy or have my friends bring me filtered water, which is so vital to my health. In a healhier state I might have tried to work this through, but not now when I need every ounce of energy for myself.
Is it working?"I was actually surprised and extremely grateful that at the 4 month mark, when the shock of the diagnosis and the stress of all the life changes were higher, that the cancer SHRANK. Once that news sunk in, I thought, “Well, if I was getting better during THAT time and the treatment was LESS aggressive, think how the new aggressive treatment protocol will KICK ASS!” That motivated me to commit to the new treatment regime NO MATTER WHAT-- even if it was going to cost more money and take more time and energy than I have. So, is it working?I won’t know if this new regime is shrinking the cancer MORE until my next CT scan, which most likely will be in December (before my next insurance deductible kicks in). I think I can!” I can report on the steps I am able to take now that I wasn’t able to do before.
It’s taken me the entire 6 months to get things lined up to meet basic needs for living PLUS what I have to do to heal.

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