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Having a pro National Party mouthpiece like the Herald sidelined online alongside the gated community of the NBR would be the best thing for Radio NZ news who would then be able to dominate the online free news world AND it would be better for NZ democracy as a whole to eliminate the NZ Herald’s dominance. I just wish APN would stop teasing us by promising a paywall all the time and just put the entire thing behind a paywall, it would be like permanently muting Hosking on Seven Sharp.
It is kind of cute though (the paywall thingy), because they’re being silenced by their own greed. But for one thing, views from us in the comments sections need to be heard, mind you on some of the articles, they would be lucky to cobble together half a dozen comments from the right.
The cynic in me thinks all this will achieve is to remove dissenting voices from discussion boards. I was recently on a panel discussing the rich list for the National Business Review radio series. Yes, agreed and it should create opportunities for real dialogue and alternative media outlets, and hopefully, a wider perspective, informed and knowledgeable public.
There is a business alternative that the Herald (as well as Fairfax) could have used, employing paywalls, advertising, subscriptions, etc – but why should I share my ideas free of charge?

After the shameful Donghua Liu Affair, the political credibility of the Herald was in tatters.
PNG govt delegation ‘satisfied’ with Hides landowner discussions17 August 2016 - KINJAP Peter S.
With the fixed overhead costs of massive printers no one needs any longer and the distribution costs delivering a physical newspaper creates, APN want to raise paywalls on their online content. Maybe it will be an opportune time for somebody to launch a new “progressive” digital media service for NZ, modeled on the likes of the Huffington Post and Mother Jones? Without a counterweight, those in the right wing echo chamber will never question anything. Hardly a valid contribution to the needed debate about the excessive adulation of the rich.
It manages to steer a fairly neutral course, with opinion pieces from both left ( including Chris Trotter) and right, a political cartoonist (Garrick Tremain) who can be particularly scathing towards the current government, international news from a variety of sources, including the Guardian – unlike the Dominion, with its heavy reliance on the Daily Telegraph. And why should I help a media outlet that is practically a mouthpiece for the Establishment, if not the National Party.

I mean, paying to read Granny Herald would be like paying someone to repeatedly kick you in the crotch — masochistic and probably symptomatic of a steadily deteriorating psyche. Just look at most John Armstrong comments sections since the Donghua Liu bollocks – He gets absolutely slated by commenters. During my sojourns in Dunedin, I found it informative and covered issues on an ongoing basis, rather than a series of disjointed, semi-related headlines. Plus coverage of adjacent regions gave the reader a good idea what was happening throughout the southern half of the South Island. Take that forum away from dissenting voices, and you are locking it all into place, leaving the conservatives to finally sweep that last nagging doubt out of their minds and continue in their cozy daydream, which means more votes continue to the right without stopping to think about anything. Any of the usual puff pieces they still want to push won’t be paywalled, while anything that may raise flags will be.

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