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Devoe knows a thing or two about childhood and focus, for she is only 12 years old and just recently became a certified yoga instructor after completing 200 hours of teacher training. In addition to her pint-size students aged 4 to 6, Devoe teaches teens and fellow tweens in her California beach town of Encinitas and is about to start a family yoga class. Encinitas, 25 miles (40 km) north of San Diego, happens to sit at the junction of laid-back beach life, high-octane sports and entrepreneurial gumption. With so much opportunity around, the Devoe parents, Rick and Julie, decided less time should be spent at school and found an accommodating institution for their kids' plans. Jaysea now works at a donation-based yoga studio and found $136 in the donation box after her first class.

As if teaching yoga on a donation basis to preschoolers, teens and families and creating a yoga mat side business wasn't enough for a 12-year-old girl, Jaysea also volunteers every week at a local organic farm. Her twin brother is a sponsored competitive surfer and works at a surfboard fin manufacturing company. Skateboarder-turned-businessman Tony Hawk and Olympic gold snow boarder Shaun White are both based in Encinitas. She was trained to teach adults yoga and is ready for moms and dads in her new family class.
When it's sunny and the Pacific Ocean is what she calls "glassy," she surfs or paddleboards with best friend Miely.

Her 15-year-old brother is a "professional water man," a spear fisherman, rod and reel angler and surfer who also teaches and has sponsors. And she feels completely prepared to deal with the injuries that often crop up in the practice of yoga.

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