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On the campaign trail, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump frequently promises to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.
Germany humiliated Brazil in the semifinals of the World Cup in 2014 by the absurd score of 7-1. Early damage reports don't yet reveal the full extent of the damage caused by flooding in Louisiana, but at least 11 people have been killed and 30,000 evacuated. American Airlines is urging pilots and crews to fly faster and take shorter routes to decrease delays. While there are those who continue supporting her blindly, others have begun questioning her move.In Malom village, just outskirts of Imphal, Sharmila is revered like God. It was after the massacre of 10 innocent civilians in Malom that the then 28-year-old little known rights activist began her satyagraha.
One that 15 years down the line has propelled her to international acclaim.RECALLING THE INCIDENTAs 70-year-old Samarendra Singh overlooks the empty courtyard of his house, his eyes moisten as he recounts the horror of losing his 17-year-old son in the massacre on November 2, 2000.
On his way to his physics tuition classes, Shanti Kumar and his friends were waiting at the local bus stop when Assam Rifles personnel allegedly opened fire indiscriminately following a blast in the area. 10 innocent civilians lost their lives in the incident which remains infamous as the Malom massacre."I'm quite surprised by her move but maybe she wants to gauge the public mood so she made such announcement," Singh says, adding that it is her personal decision and people still regard her highly. At one end of the pool were Olympic athletes, preparing for a mammoth event on a world stage.

And though it's a military base, a passel of boisterous kids enjoying summer camp was at the other end of the pool, with water toys and slides."It's screaming chaos," acknowledges team coach Adam Krikorian. A politician only thinks of the next election but a statesman like her thinks of the next generation, so why does she wants to join the politicians?" questions Singh.Sharmila today carries the burden of an entire generation desperate to move on, to progress. She became their 'Meira Paibi', their torch bearer in the struggle against the excesses of the Indian state.But their collective mistrust for the political class has made them apprehensive of Sharmila's personal transition from social activism to mainstream politics.
As they close in on the goal, they torpedo out of the water, launching themselves vertically and trying to slam the ball past the goalie into the net, at speeds up to 40 miles an hour.That's what you see on the surface. Chandramani , her younger son was a national bravery award winner who was gunned down by Assam Rifle personnel over mere suspicion of being a militant. He was unarmed, and all of 17.KIN OF MALOM VICTIM MENACE "We feel distraught at her decision. Though we still expect her to carry on the fight against AFSPA, we still believe in her for what she has done but we are not sure what will happen if she joins politics," says Chelsea, Chandramani's sister.Many have attributed Sharmila's latest move to her love interest, Desmond Coutinho. A Goa born British citizen, who has been an integral part of Sharmila since 2009, many feel he is the reason behind Sharmila's sudden retreat from her Satyagraha."Desmond Cutinho is a spy of the Indian govt. If someone's really strong vertically, then you have really good legs eggbeatering up higher.
Rather than helping Sharmila move ahead in her campaign he is destroying her movement", says Ima Ngambi.

You just spin your legs faster."Kami Craig chimes in, laughing, "I just will my body and throw everything upward, and hope I make it up!"As for the wrestling component of water polo, the players tell me that kicking, dunking and grabbing are all a routine part of the game a€” but can also draw a foul.
For years the movement lacked a face and Sharmila helped propel the issue at an international stage."It's her personal decision and she is entitled to it.
This will be her third Olympics, and the memory of the gold medal ceremony in London is never far from reach."It's the most emotional moment of my life," Craig recalls. She chokes up as she describes it: "You're hearing your national anthem played, you've got your family in the stands.
I mean it's a€” it's what we're out here for every single day, and it's what we're chasing right now.
Everyone on the team is from California, except Johnson, who is also the only African-American.

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