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I love Fail Blog When I discovered it, I lost about 4 straight hours of my life (so click through after you read this post). The first words are "need money" and the next words are pretty much "enter our contest." If you really need money, entering Taco Bell's national contest isn't the answer.
I thought that this was the reason why you would post this receipt on the site in the first place.. Paint stays on my QuickLaunch bar for dropping screenshots (since Windows isn’t smart enough to handle that for me), quick crop jobs, and minor edits like the receipt.
As suggested by FTC regulations, please note that we may have a financial relationship with the companies mentioned on this site. The problem was that the answers the man gave were so obvious it made it hard for her to come up with something else.

I agree, she gave three of the same answers as her dad, but she should have gone higher than five on the first. I wonder if either one was a record; the first guy scoring 182 points by himself, or her not scoring any points. The most amazing part of this story is the fact that Family Feud is still on the air, who knew? Steve Harvey may be one of the best game show hosts I’ve ever seen, and he has certainly kept Family Feud going strong.
I would have highlighted the "Need Money" in the picture, but after looking how draw a box or circle in Gimp my head exploded. It’s not uncommon for the first thought to be right but she went second and he already got them.

Although I think you can use the Rectangle Select Tool for boxes or the Ellipse Select tool for circles. However, we do not accept compensation in any form in exchange for positive reviews, and the reviews found on this site represent the opinions of the author.
It's possible they give out one a week, which would make your odds of getting the money you need pretty low.

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