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Acquiring currency in No Man’s Sky is crucial to buying the best ships and equipment the game has to offer.
Now that No Man’s Sky has officially launched on PlayStation 4, players are excitedly exploring the many mysteries and wonders the universe has to offer. As expected, these ships and items can cost a great deal of No Man’s Sky‘s in-game currency, known as Units, so having an easy way to farm for cash is important early on in the game. Developer Hello Games has injected a number of materials and resources into each planet that give players plenty of ways to acquire Units. There are also numerous chests scattered around the worlds that contain more expensive materials and items that can boost a player’s wallet by a healthy amount. Popular YouTuber Arekkz discovered during his time in No Man’s Sky that there’s one particular farming method that yields more high-end materials than anything else. According to Arekkz, the way to farm these trade commodities in No Man’s Sky is to seek out plant groupings that house these materials. We’ll quickly note that, since the planets and environments are so diverse, these trade commodities may look slightly different based on the planet and system a player visits.
The second thing to keep in mind is that since these commodities are worth significantly more than other materials, so they will often be guarded by sentinels on the alien planets.
Once a player’s inventory is full of materials and commodities, it’s time to sell them for Units. Considering these commodities can easily be worth more than 20,000 Units, players can make a decent chunk of cash with each farming run.
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Post to 50 And More Social Media Sites, including Instant Blog Subscribers, Facebook and Twitter. With so much to do, players quickly start to see the benefit in getting a powerful ship and other useful items to help them along their way. For those currently on the hunt for a way to improve their bank balance, here’s a quick guide to make money fast in No Man’s Sky.
Many plants and structures found on the unique worlds can be broken down into materials that players can pick up and use or sell. As he describes in the video below, the items players should be seeking above all others are the trade commodities available on the planets.
With that in mind, players should look for worlds that have a decent sentinel population, and spend some time getting to know the lay of the land so that they can easily recognize the trade commodities for that planet. With this in mind, players also need to make sure they come prepared with the right equipment to dispatch any sentinels that pop up. Players can head to a space station or they can scour the planet’s landscape for a life form to sell off the items in their inventory. In fact, with some planning and a little bit of luck, players could potentially acquire a couple hundred thousand Units in a single sitting.
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As players collect these materials, they’ll learn quickly which ones are most useful and will provide the best return when sold. Rather, players will discover chests as they make their way around the various planets while collecting other materials.
While some planetary materials can be worth 1,000 or 2,000 units, these trade commodities can easily be worth 10,000 to 20,000 units or more.
It’s probably good to assume at least one sentinel will arrive right after opening one of these plants to get valuable resources. If players are unable to carry all the trade commodities they discover in a certain location, it would be a good idea to take note of that location, go sell what’s currently in inventory, and then head back to collect the rest of the commodities. And considering the fact that some of the ships in No Man’s Sky can cost upward of a million Units or more, having a method to farm hundreds of thousands of Units at a time is extremely useful. It's fast twin station thermal printers, large three line LCD operator display with five back light colours and full stroke keyboard, ensure it is fast and easy to operate.
5 colour backlight enabling the operator to select a display illumination colour to suit the store image.
You can even use it to transfer money to people electronically, and some physical retailers are even accepting PayPal for payments now, allowing you to pay for goods at stores. The best part is once someone sends you money or you send money to someone else, they can transfer the money to a bank account overnight so payments are really quick and easy.
The built-in calculator comes in extra handy to take carer of the mat without having to leave the app, and it’s all wrapped up in a nice material design style UI. The app claims to have low fees and it offers Bank level security, and investments are intelligent to optimize everything. That being said, YNAB is a great tool for helping you manage your finances and sticking to your budget.
You can also import existing data that you already have elsewhere, and you can bring in your banks statements by importing files via CSV import.
That means farming these units is ten times more affective than simply running around deconstructing random plants. Otherwise, players may find they run out of room before they’ve collected all the commodities they’re after, which could add time to their farming. It gives you real-time updates on your spending and the app syncs with YNAB on the desktop over the cloud for effortless use.

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