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Probably the Teton Crest plus some short stuff I was looking at just over the line in ID, but I haven't really looked at the logistics to see if that last part's going to be practical or convenient. The video is a little painful to watch due to repeated footage of totally uncoordinated use of trekking poles(good grief, learn how to walk!) interrupting things, but the scenery is off the chain.
Total solar eclipse swipes diagonally right down the state (and on to the SE USA) on August 21st, 2017!!! Tracy McGrady (R) was best known in China when he played for the Houston Rockets with Chinese star Yao Ming.

THE San Antonio Spurs signed seven-time All-Star guard Tracy McGrady for the rest of the season, the team announced Tuesday. Unlike most NFL wives, Samantha Ponder has more than 146,000 followers on Twitter, and she let us in on a hilarious text message exchange with her husband after he found out about rival quarterback Aaron Rodgers' massive new contract.When she tweeted that image out, she included the hashtag #marriage.
He said he would not play in San Antonio’s regular-season finale against Minnesota, ESPN reported.
Together with his teammate and cousin Vince Carter, T-Mac made the Toronto Raptors must-see TV for basketball fans.

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