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For example, if you have a positive affirmation that says, “I am rich beyond my wildest dreams”, and every time you say that, you hear that “little voice” in your head saying things like, “You could never be rich, you aren’t smart enough,” or perhaps, “no one in your family has ever been rich,” then listen carefully to those clues. Example: I had a client who kept setting affirmations about creating a successful new business, but could not figure out why she wasn’t following through on what she said she wanted.
In the example I used in the last blog, “My husband doesn’t drink or get angry.” You could change that affirmation to something that you need to work on for yourself around this issue.
You can change your own beliefs, your own behaviors, and your own perspective about what happens and then in turn, this will be reflected by your external reality. In the next blog, Positive Affirmations: Lock them in with EFT (part 3), we will discuss the process for making affirmations believable and true for you and using the powerful yet simple tool of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to lock them into your subconscious in order to change your patterns of belief. Authentic SpiritHelping clients to create a more authentic and inspired life by connecting to their heart-centered awareness, overcoming ego fears, and expressing more fully their Authentic Spirit.
We OfferTransformational coaching services, online courses and workshops, downloadable guided meditations, clarity, inspiration, and a safe space for you. EFT is shorthand for Emotional Freedom Technique and tapping is what you do on nine acupressure meridian points on your upper body and repeat phrases focused on a particular physical problem, negative emotion or problem in your life. Since it is entirely free, entirely amazing and there is no way to do it wrong it does seem impossible to believe it will work for you.  I first read about EFT in a newsletter from alternative health advocate Dr. The independent documentary The Tapping Solution (formerly known as Try It On Everything), produced by Nick Ortner, and its companion books, The Tapping Solution and The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss & Body Confidence, written and produced by Nick Ortner and Jessica Ortner, demonstrate how you can powerfully and permanently train yourself to chase away anxiety, insecurity, sorrow, and even lessen the feeling of physical pain in just a few easy steps… plus lead a fruitful and successful life!
No one could blame him for the intensity of his emotions: less than a year ago his life was shattered when his car was hit by a truck merging onto the highway, and his beloved wife and soulmate Raquel was killed instantly. Her two children from a previous marriage, who had been living with them, were sent back to their biological father in Puerto Rico. As recounted in The Tapping Solution, just 10 weeks after the accident, Rene saw a sign announcing a workshop designed to help resolve precisely these kinds of emotional issues. The film further documents how he was able to regain his ability to sleep, reduce the intensity and intrusiveness of the crash memories, and even begin to plan his life – including starting a new business venture and buying a house in Puerto Rico. Meridian Tapping, which is described as a remarkable yet incredibly simple energy psychology technique that has already helped millions of people all around the world. You, too, can discover this fascinating method, as well as more details about Rene's transformation, in the documentary The Tapping Solution and its accompanying book The Tapping Solution. Others affected by The Tapping Solution relay their real-life stories and how they were able to overcome many different issues – issues that impaired their ability to live their lives the way they yearned to live them.
Jessica thought that if she could just fit into that dress or those jeans, she'd be happy -- that if she finally lost the weight her career would take off, and she'd finally find the relationship I wanted.
Until then, Jessica would continue to panic every time someone took her picture, strategically placing her hands over the parts she hated.
During her many years of yo-yo dieting and unsuccessful attempts to keep the weight off, Jessica felt broken. For years, she went from one program to another, starving herself and working out at the gym, only to eventually succumb to food and destroy any progress she had made. According to Nick Ortner's film and book, if you've read anything about acupuncture, you probably know it's based on the concept of a flow of special vital energy throughout your body.
The theory behind acupuncture, he states, is that the root of all pain and illness is a disruption in your body's energy system. The ancient idea of your body as a system of energy pathways is not inconsistent with modern views.

The relatively new field of Energy Psychology likewise recognizes that we are, first and foremost, energetic beings. The book explains the belief that if energy can be re-routed, dispersed, or reshaped, your emotional state will change.
When it's accomplished successfully, phobias and self-destructive thinking patterns can permanently disappear after only one, or at most a few short treatment sessions. Meridian Tapping is a self-administered technique that can be practiced either alone or under the supervision of a trained therapist, to relieve negative emotional patterns.
Its underlying premise, the film explains, is that all negative emotions are a result of a disruption in your body's energy system.
It involves nothing more complicated than repeating custom-made verbal affirmations and tapping repeatedly on specific key locations on your body. According to The Tapping Solution, Meridian Tapping is now the most influential and widely known Energy Psychology method in the world. Six months later, when they are brought together for a reunion, they maintain most, if not all, of the results they obtained at the workshop.
Most significantly, when subjects were re-tested six to nine months later, the gains achieved through Tapping had held up much more strongly than those achieved by the comparison method.
And this was after only one single 30-minute Meridian Tapping session with no intervening treatments. In fact, during the four-day workshop recorded in The Tapping Solution, a few people who didn't seem to be helped by tapping. From this perspective, some people may have a hidden agenda for maintaining their life the way it is, and therefore resist changing.
The book states that toothache relief is one of the most frequent benefits reported from Meridian Tapping. Creating Desirable Habits – The film and book are intended to help you rid yourself of behaviors that are not serving you well, and replacing undesirable habits with self-enhancing ones.
Addictions – Due to their usual complexity of underlying causes, these conditions require persistence.
Allergies – Hay fever, rashes, insect stings, anaphylactic shock, food or milk allergies, and more. You'll get actionable how-tos from Nick Ortner and other tapping practitioners, plus testimonials from many dozens of users that will inspire and motivate you.
Be able to reduce or eliminate your fears, phobias, performance blocks, post-traumatic stress, and many other common problems. I am so confident that you will be happy with your purchase, that I am providing you with my 30-Day Unopened Return Protection!
In order to get a full refund* (less shipping charges), The Tapping Solution Book and DVD must be returned unopened within 30 days of receipt. Affiliate Status disclosureYou should assume that the owner of this website is an affiliate for providers of goods and services mentioned on this website and may be compensated when you purchase from a provider.
I talked about the three most common mistakes I have seen over the years in creating positive affirmations.  This article is to take you one step further into how you can overcome these barriers and make affirmations work for you in a more consistent manner.
So the trick is to really identify those subconscious beliefs so you can begin to change them.  The best way to identify these is to listen to your negative self talk and pay attention to your gut reaction. These comments are a clue to your subconscious beliefs.  Make a list of these comments so you can deal with them one at a time.

If your stomach tightens up each time you say this, then that is another clue to a subconscious belief.
You need to know your true values, what is important to you, and what dreams are unique to you in order to create meaningful affirmations for your own unique self.  Sometimes we are influenced by friends, family or society and are not really clear on what we want for ourselves. After much work on values and how they have changed, she realized that since she retired from her very successful VP job, she had actually jumped right into a business opportunity because that is what she had always done—work, set goals, be successful.  Now she realized that her Authentic Spirit was done with all that and had new priorities and goals—around volunteer work and making a difference. His lively home was suddenly empty and silent – except for those screaming voices inside Rene's head. Or making sure the photo was cropped so only her face showed if she couldn’t cover the questionable body parts.
Like so many women who feel ashamed of their bodies and their weight, she was a closet emotional eater. According to traditional Chinese medicine, this energy flows through your body along certain invisible pathways called meridians. But it's the disruption of the energy field itself that's responsible for negative emotions.
Psychologist Steve Wells and his team of researchers tested Meridian Tapping against a deep-breathing technique, as a treatment for fears and phobias of small creatures like rats and cockroaches. Harvey Baker of New York (called the Baker-Siegel study) decided to try to replicate the Wells study, with a few new twists. There are people who don't want to face the changes that getting rid of a phobia would require of them. The book emphasizes that caution should be employed here – some allergic reactions can be life threatening. In the event you find something elsewhere, change your mind, or give the item as a gift, you can return it.
This content may be copied in full, with copyright, contact, creation and information intact, without specific permission, when used only in a not-for-profit format. Many times we have old outdated affirmations that were true for us 20 years ago, but not today. Once she stopped and really listened, and reconnected to her true self, she was able to re-align and become successful once again in a new way. Their comparison method was called the Supportive Interview, and utilized methods in traditional psychotherapy.
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