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Between fancy updos and no-frizz curls, it often looks like little girls are stopping by the salon en route to school. Oh my goodness, those people complaining about a lack of diversity in these styles need to try them.
Wow its unbelievable how people have to judge these are ideas on how to do a young girls hair in different ways I sure it wasn't meant to be racial but some how a lot of these comments made it exactly that!! 1 - My daughter rarely lets me do ANYTHING to her hair, and 2 - I wouldn't have time in the morning for half of these! I've done the lace heart braid, topsy turvy, hair bow, braided headband and the ballarina bun for school. Do you have a tween or teen in school with a locker – or one who’s going to be gaining a locker starting this school year?
You can see a news segment my daughter and I did for ABC 13 in Houston last year on saving money on lockers HERE. Paige honestly could not tell the difference between the high end locker and the budget locker. One thing that we did not have time for in the video segment was to laminate the wrapping paper. For Paige the most important thing to have in her locker was a mirror, shelf, and the magnetic containers on the wall to hold pens and pencils. The other tip from Paige is that she thinks the locker lights and locker chandeliers are cute and had one last year.
They use them in their classrooms and save them for kids next year who can’t afford to decorate at all. That is nice but in my school no one really puts wrapping paper in their lockers so I don’t want to be the only one and no one really decorates their locker that much they put a couple of things in their lockers to look nice. One friend wisely suggested taking some of what would be spent on a chandelier or decorative items and donating it to a charity providing school supplies to children who do not have them.
My oldest is staring middle school and I was surprised to see the girls doing such fancy stuff!
I really couldn’t tell the difference between the two lockers and think they both looked great.
Hobby Lobby carries adorable wallpaper, and you can use a 40% off coupon that makes it $4-5. Financial aid resources for current and future students of florida southwestern state college.
Latest college & financial aid news the weeknd donates $50k to university’s ethiopian program.
Show your florida southwestern state college pride all year long with our authentic assortment of florida southwestern state college collegiate apparel - including.
Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. The technique explained on this page is particularly useful for creating historical timelines and project timelines, as well as genealogical timelines that highlight events in a person's life. If you want to start creating your own timelines right away, you can download the Excel timeline template. Get this and other bonus project management spreadsheets free when you purchase the pro version of our Gantt Chart.
Begin creating timelines in Excel within minutes by downloading the Excel Timeline Template. Historical Timelines - The primary purpose of this template is to help you create historical timelines, such as events in a person's life or perhaps the history of a company or organization.
Project Timelines - The spreadsheet includes two project timeline worksheets, where events can show both duration and completion status. You will also be able to download a separate project timeline file in which the axis is date-based as explained in the section "Using a Date-Based Axis" below. Adding Images - The Benjamin Franklin example is included in the spreadsheet, with instructions explaining how to insert images into your timeline.
The next step is to create a Scatter Chart with the Height values as the Y-axis (vertical axis) and the Axis values as the X-axis (horizontal axis). In the Select Data Source dialog box for Series1, click the Edit button, and in the "Series X values" field, choose cells $F$31:$F$40 and press OK. You can now clean up the chart by going to the Layout tab and turning OFF the legend, gridlines, and vertical axis. We're going to create leader lines for the timeline by adding vertical error bars to the data series. In the Vertical Error Bars tab, select the Minus direction, the No Cap end style, and set the Percentage to 100% then press Close. We want to turn off the horizontal error bars, so go to the Layout tab and select "Series 1 X Error Bars" from the drop-down list in the "Current Selection" group. Repeat the previous step until all of the data labels have been linked to the corresponding cell in the Labels column.

Sometimes you may want to set the x-axis to display a specific year range, such as 1700 to 1900 with 50-year intervals between the axis labels.
You can add images and pictures to your timeline by selecting the chart and going to Insert > Picture. To format a data point marker as an image: After selecting a single data point, right-click on the data point and go to Format Data Point > Marker Options and select the image icon from the Marker Type drop-down box. In Excel 2013: After the Format Data Point bar opens on the right, click on the bucket icon, and then click on the word Marker. If you are creating a project timeline, you can show the duration of an event by using X-error bars.
Select the chart and go to Format > Current Selection group and select "Series 1 X Error Bars" from the drop-down list then click on Format > Format Selection. In the Error Amount area, select Custom, click on Specify Value and then for the Positive Error Value choose the cells from your Duration column.
Note: To add a Completion bar like we did in the above example, you would need to add another data series so that you can define another X-error bar.
If you are want to create a timeline that uses date values after the year 1900, then you can add another "dummy" series and change the chart type for the dummy series to a Line Chart.
For additional reading: Bill Jelen does an excellent job of explaining the date-based axis vs. You can widen the timeline chart object if you have a very long timeline and want to print it across multiple pages. Paper Poofs – Paper poofs are really easy to make but they can add a lot of fun and color to the decor.
Jar Lights – If you are having an outdoor wedding, you can make your decorations so that they not only add to your style but also serve a function. These are just two very simple DIY wedding decoration ideas that can really make a difference when it comes to your big day’s decor.
To complete the ideas on DIY wedding decorations, here we’ve selected some photos of do-it-yourself wedding decorations, enjoy them! If your daughter has another hair type, by all means, search for hair tutorials for her hair type! Have you wanted to know how to decorate a school locker for less seeing all the crazy ways kids are decorating lockers now days?! The first year I about had a heart attack and said, “no way!” and had them figure out how to do it for less! In the past for the girls I have taken the wrapping to a school supply store and paid a few dollars to laminate it so that it held up better through the school year. You can use tape but Paige has told me horror stories of trying to get it off at the end of school. They are really nice and easy to work with, but we used 2 packages ($15 each) on this locker and you can see we needed even more. But acording to the kids we interviewed, they couldn’t tell a difference between items from Pottery Barn and ones from Dollar Tree! I explained to her what we were doing and she told us that at the end of the year they line up trash cans all along the hall for kids to clean out their lockers and place trash in. Decorating lockers wasn’t all that popular when I was in HS years ago, and it will be years before mine are in HS, but I love when something can be done for cheaper! We waited until it was on sale for half price so it was not too expensive, put magnet tape on the back and hung that up in my daughter’s locker. I was trolling Ebay for cheaper locker paper but this is so much better and we can change it out according to the holidays! The first example shown below was created using the first version of my Excel Timeline Template back in 2005. If you are more worried about your budget than your time, you can create your own timeline chart from scratch using the instructions in the "how to" section below.
We've set up the data tables and Excel charts for you, so you enter the Dates and event descriptions and adjust the heights of the lines to get things to fit the way you want. You can change the colors and formats of the chart elements however you want, limited only by what Excel allows you to do. It is possible to add more, but that is not a simple procedure and would require following some of the instructions below. You can use these instructions to create your own timeline in Excel from scratch, if you don't feel like downloading the template. We need to add the X-axis values, so go to the Design tab and click the Select Data button (or right-click on the chart and choose Select Data).
You may also want to go to the Line Color or Line Style tabs to make the leader line a dashed gray line. We are going to link the data labels, one at a time, to the corresponding cell in the Labels column.
The image below shows the project timeline example that is included in the timeline template.

You may also want to format the line to change the color and increase the width of the line.
As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages.Click here to learn more. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your wedding decor if you are willing to get creative and make the items yourself.
These jar lights are extremely easy to make the nice thing is that you don’t have to worry about lighting candles or having the candles burn out. There are all types of decorations you can make for your wedding from centerpieces to wedding arches. Though you may not have a cosmetology degree, it doesn't mean you have to send your girl to school with lackluster locks. And to the person who said mist of these are done in fine hair You Dont really know hair then cause most of the hair shown here is of a thicker texture Not thin Grow up people and Google the type of hair your looking for instead of just looking for something to complain about!!!! I would never go on an African American site and leave a comment about how I'm disappointed that these hairstyles don't meet my daughters needs. See they block the hook at the top of the locker where the kids hang their backpacks and it was a hassle to try and maneuver around the lamp and she took it down (along with all her friends) after a few days.
After school was done and the kids were gone, the teachers would pull out all the HIGH END nice locker decorations that all the kids just THREW AWAY! But the teacher said NO WAY would she spend more then $20 on a locker as she watches the kids just toss it all when school is out! But, with a little formatting and some images, you can make your timeline look much more interesting. You can choose either the day-based axis (the labels are dates) or the year-based axis (the labels are years). Also, the more events you want to show in a timeline, the more difficult it will be to avoid having labels overlap.
Doing that can simplify the process of displaying the x-axis labels and editing the date range, but the events in the data table must be ordered by date.
So, instead of selecting the chart object and pressing Ctrl+p to print, select the range of cells surrounding the chart object and then print the selection ("Print Selection" is one of the options you can choose from the Print dialog in Excel). Here are a number of simple DIY wedding decorations that you should consider for your big day. All you need is a lot of tissue paper in the colors that you want for your wedding, some scissors, fishing line or wire, and ribbon. All you have to do is buy several clear mason jars and put in small white strung lights into the jar.
You just need to be willing to put in some time to make these items so that you can save money and have a unique wedding that fits your style. We've rounded up 11 easy-to-follow tutorials for some of the most creative hairstyles that your little girl will love. This page descibes a method that I developed to create timelines quickly in Excel using an XY scatter chart with events as the data labels. You can insert images into Excel charts as well as format a data point marker so that it displays an image. Also, people have reported that this technique doesn't always work in all versions of Excel. White Christmas lights work well for these decorations and you can find them on sale and for very cheap after the holidays.
From chic buns to crazy braids, these styles will make your daughter's do the talk of the playground. Continue reading below to learn how to create the timeline from scratch, or save time by downloading the timeline template. Wrap the wire around the middle of the stack of tissue paper cut the ends of the tissue paper into a point or rounded corners. After I finished decorating my locker (they have a virtual locker on their website) from LuvUrLocker…. Open up the tissue paper to expand in a circle and then gently keep separating the layers until you have poof, which looks like a big ball or a cute flower. These jars work well for lighting paths as well as you can hang them from a tree for extra added light outdoors. If you wanted to get really creative you can also paint the glass jars or put other items in the jar such as glitter.

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