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Amazon Associates: Join this program to put links and banners to Amazon products  on your websites and blogs and earn commissions. CJ Affiliatess: Join this program to get banner and product links to add to your website or blog and get monthly commissions. Personal finance essentially involves taking a high-level look at your finances; a process of checking that you pay bills on time and (in general) spend less than you earn. If we were all responsible and paid our credit card balances in full each month, the banks would not make money from them. What I am essentially saying is that not everyone will pay of their debts and become financially responsible – but you can. Canadianbudgetbinder recently posted..The Grocery Game Challenge Dec 10-16, 2012 -2 Weeks Until Christmas! Thanks dude… Lucky there are some funny and entertaining PF bloggers out there to help spread the message huh?!
But your right, I was brought up to think that credit cards and overdrafts were an accepted way of life which got me in the mess to begin with! Oh I do too… but only when a certain few people talk about it… too many boring bloggers! I am considered extreme by most because I have left the corporate world at 29 and I do spend much less than I earn but still have fun on the way! In my experience, some people ignore SALLYTE and go down the insolvency route too quickly without giving due thought about the future impact of this.
I suggest to my contractor clients that whenever they update their spreadsheet they reward themselves with a pint of real ale, glass of wine, bar of chocolate or some other little treat. I have to agree with Grayson that finally “The fundamentals of finance are extremely easy to understand” but although we all know what we have to do with money, finance but also other aspects of our life at the end of the day we loose our focus and we do mistakes small or bigger!
In fact, the banks would start to lose out so badly that they wouldn’t be able to afford to offer the same attractive rewards and cash back deals that are available today.

That is unbelievable – I know a few people like that too and it winds me up something rotten!!
The most powerful things in life are the simple ones… We’ll get the message out eventually! It’s sort of like saying, well all you have to do to lose weight is diet and exercise. Everything is boring from the outset unless it has frosting, cheese, or pretty lights (in that order). Get some passion behind you and in your case and you can literally do anything and make anything fun.
I know a lot of people who spend more than they earn, and they probably don’t even realize it! It will be a nice souvenir of Rio in their minds and I tell them if they want to take pictures of me they need to be careful a€“ but men can be crazy about a woman from Brazil.
One woman wanted it to be the scene of a mortuary and to have sex with men pretending to be dead. It is quite normala€¦a€™A Among the many bizarre stories we were told was of a local musician asked to play while a couple made love a€“ on the condition that he kept his eyes shut. Most of us sit in front of spread sheets all day at work – why would we want to come home and start again? Unfortunately, as easy as that may be to understand, we live in a world that is trying to trick us.
Subconsciously, we put the associated negative feelings of owing money to one side and continue down the glorius path of spending. We suddenly fit the profile of a dream customer and an analyst has predicted that we have the potential to end up paying a lot of interest.
Those of us who do pay back what we owe in full are being rewarded by the misfortune of others.

You need to realise that the spreadsheet that you have (or don’t have) at home is the most freaking important spreadsheet in your life.
My goal (and I succeeded a fair amount, I’d say!) was to excite them about the topic.
You composed it so well.It is all a matter of being responsible such as paying credit card balances completely and promptly.
We all have different financial situations, but in the purest and simplest form personal finance is not exciting. From lucrative advertising that is trying to make us all fall in love with the latest gadget, to the easy availability of credit… they system is trying to catch us. I would go as far as to say that if the banks are offering you interest free credit or to extend limits, then it is a warning sign that you may be getting into trouble.
You are right it is common sense but not everything is as common as it should be to some people. All this time, trying to keep those negative feelings of debt on the sidelines, in the backs of our minds. But, they tell me they just spend whatever they want and hope that their bank account is still positive at the end of the month. Drop shipping is online sales modality in which the seller only buys the product from the supplier once they have a buyer.

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